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Brahmatells Empower Your Life with the Power of Astrology


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At Brahmatells, we want to help you untangle all the questions that have been giving you sweaty palms and sleepless nights. We wish to enable you to make all your dreams a tangible reality. This is why we have come up with live astrology consultation, expert vedic astrology, zodiac consultation, live palmistry, moon-sign predictions, etc. Basically, we want to be your one stop solution for all your astrology related needs.

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Scroll through the added advantages of rubbing your shoulders with the pioneering platform of astrology

Expert Astrologers

24x7, 365 Days Availability

Instant Access Worldwide

Accurate Remedial Solutions

Privacy Guaranteed

Trusted by million clients

our experts

Take a glance at our panel of learned & experienced Astro Services Professionals


Dr. Bhavyadeep Bhatia
(15 Years of Experience)

Vedic Astrology, Career, Marriage, Love affair, Vastu, Birth Chart Recitification

English, Hindi

(10 Years of Experience)

Tarot, Psychic Reading, Numerology, Counselling, Healer

English, Hindi

Shri Lakshmi Shankar Shukla
(32 Years of Experience)

Vedic Astrology, Career, Marriage, Love affair, Vastu

English, Hindi

Shalini Shukla
(25 Years Of Experience)

Vedic Astrology, Tarot, Palm and Numerology Readings


Dr. Mamta Bansal
(20 Years of Experience)

Astro,Vastu, Numerologist,Tarot Card Reading,Runes, Reiki, Healer


(10 Years of Experience)

Vedic Astrology, Tarot Reader, Psychic Reader, Reiki, Crystal Healer, Bach Flower Therapy

English, Hindi

Dr. Anshumali Tiwari
(30 Years of Experience)

Vaidik Astrology, Vastu Shashtra , Palmistry, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Sports Prediction, Marriage, Health & Carrier Counselling, Lal Kitab Astrology, Medical Astrology, Corporate Astrology, Gemology, Prashna Astrology, Progeny Astrology and Western Astrology

Hindi, English, Bhojpuri

Jyotish Sudhakar Premjee
(50 Years of Experience)

Vedic Astrology, Career, Finance, KP, Reiki

English, Hindi, Oriya, Bengali

daily routines

Let us give you a sneak peek into the various day to day activities that we can help you with

vastu shastra


We help you in untangling the mysteries of the science of architecture. Our vastu vidya experts can help you fight a lot of unwanted demons of your house. Let us help you in a ritual architecture that our forefathers had left for us to follow.

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Birth journal (kundli)


We give you complete analysis of your Kundali, detailed analysis of all the twelve houses. Your birth journal controls your entire life and qualities, let us help you understand it.

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our services

Take a look at our variegated service offerings in the field of Astrology

Ask A Question?

Are you hesitant in talking to an expert in real-time? No worries, that is also taken care of. You can now simply draft a query and drop it in with us. You can also select the specific astrologer who you want to ask the question from.

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Match Making

Add a second wheel to your ride of life that understands the motion of your first wheel already. Get insights into the Kundali Milan, Guna Milan, Horoscope Matching and Compatibility, Lagna Melapak etc to get a perfect partner.

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Generate your Report!

See the movement of stars not just at night but in your own life. Find your direction with the celestial bodies, make peace with them. Your kundli says a lot about you and your future, let our experts help you in hearing it out.

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