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Astrologer Details


Dr. Bhavyadeep Bhatia

(15 Years of Experience)

Language : English, Hindi
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Career, Marriage, Love affair, Vastu, Birth Chart Rectification

Astrologer Biography :

Dr. Bhvyadeep Bhatia started his journey from a small town of Rajasthan, Bikaner (his birth place), then moved across Rajasthan & kept moving in different parts of India to finally settle down in Delhi. I did my graduation in B.Music and then PG Diploma in Astrology (from Indian council of Astrological sciences ICAS – Chandigarh chapter) at the age of only 21 years. I was the youngest person ever who got formally qualified as an astrologer and thus approached LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORD to get myself registered as “YOUNGEST FORMALLY QUALIFED ASTROLOGER IN WORLD”, but I was refused. They refused me with an answer that ‘they don’t have ASTROLOGY as a category in their list’. I tried to persuade them that new categories need to be added with the passage of time but they dropped me with my last beep of phone and an open mouth. Again a hurdle was there in life and a barrier to be crossed. Now finally after striving for few more years in different jobs, on one nice day in 2009 I initiated an NGO (by spending some money from my little savings & took up risk to spread my knowledge to people in need). As I was qualified Astrologer I thought PEOPLE WILL TRUST ME - BUT GIVING PREDICTIONS WAS BIG CHALLANGE and How can I spoil life of anyone based on*My Advice or guidance that too when I was hardly 23 years old. But then I took help of my father, who is also an astrologer and started sitting in his forehead sweating sessions for six months and I learned practical Astrology predictions. My father is my GURU who taught me real Astrology because he is a big astrologer. He is a Doctor now, but at that point he was an amateur Astrologer in Astrology field as well as a banker by profession. I started learning and doing things by my own. Due the struggle throughout my life today I can do anything from toilet cleaning to handling the most important task related to my professional or personal life. Today I can cook your future and I can kick my future based on my mental strength (Experience of doing things by own for atleast once). Today I listen to my heart from the bottom & realize inner satisfaction in what my heart says. Hereby I Introduce myself to the world as an Astrologer, Spiritual Healer, Corporate trainer, Social Activist, Writer, Child Counsellor, a man who can bring change to any life by the virtue of 36 years of EXPERIENCING life. My vision is to bring change because running water never gets staled. People often says human nature does not change. I agree! But what about character, thoughts & thought process, personality, level of energies, aura etc etc. Our Research & International publications. • “360 Degree child” • “5 Quotients”

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