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Dr Jyoti Kalra

(10 Years of Experience)

Language : Hindi, English, Punjabi
Expertise : Astrology, Kundli, Chart, Vedic Astrology, Counseling, Marriage, Divorce, Health, Wealth, Property, Life, Death, Accident


Astrologer Biography :

Am a dentist by qualification and have the privilege of practicing as well as teaching dentistry in my career as a dentist. I have worked in corporate environment for Indian and US Health care providers and payers. My connect with Vedic astrology is nothing but divine. It happened, when I realised that I need some sort of Astrological consultation. I went to seek help and that’s when I started learning and understanding the micro details of this science. It was so enigmatic that I was able to understand and comprehend that the planets and nakshatras were doing. Their positioning, placements at various houses and inter-relationships , were appealing to me. I kept learning about this science from top gurus and that’s when my journey started. It’s about 10+ years, am into this field. This field helps me to connect with new people everyday and also helps me to guide them. Since I was earlier into teaching, I evolved my way of practicing this, which was to teach while telling someone. So, whenever I take consultations, I try educating people so that they know things and reasons behind why it’s happening. It creates more trust as well as creates a 2 way communication. Hence my consultations are not time bound. I charge a flat fee as I feel time should be given to the people who are seeking a better way.. I provide remedies also, which forms a part of my detailed consultation. My key expertise are in Chart reading, predictions ( health, wealth, finances, career, job, marriages, other relationships, children, parents, properties, etc) , remedies, counselling, guidance ( esp when there are emotional concerns). I wish to connect with you, discuss with you and give you proper solution. “Know your future to be better prepared”.

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