नवरात्रि के पांचवें दिन मां स्‍कंदमाता की पूजा होती है।

Goddess Skandmata is worshipped on the 5th day of navratri. Her name literally means the “Mother of Skanda” means lord Kartikeya or  lord Murugan. The whole process of reincarnation of goddess in form of Parvati and marrying her to lord Shiva is to give birth to a baby who only can destroy all demons. So the time has come for the destruction of all obstacles, evils and enemies in the life of devotee.

She is also named goddess Padmasana because she sits on a lotus flower. She is the goddess of fire and mother of war god Kartikeya.  Thus she ensures winning in all fights and situations. Spiritually she is the remover of inner evils and all obstructions on the path of spirituality.

She can be pleased by following mantras-

Oṃ Devi Skandamatayai Namaḥ.


Simhasanagata nityam padmaashritkaradvaya,

Shubdaastu sada devi skandamata yashasvini.

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