विजय उत्सुव की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं विजयदशमी 2019

After nine days of navratri, tenth day is observed as a great festival for winning of good over evil. Mentioning victory of Goddess over demons, victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, Victory of Arjuna over Kauravas sometimes, reflects the eternal victory of dharma.

Lord Rama is worshipped with the grass blades sown on the first navratra of barley. Visarjan of statues of Gods or goddess installed in navratras is done on this day, while at places Ravana statues are burnt publically. In families, Ravana’s ten heads are made of cow dung and burnt subsequently upon drying.

This day is unconfronted auspicious muhurata for starting any venture. Worship for victory and success is good to do in this time. At places, just like rakshabandhan, sisters tie the grass blades of barley to their brothers praying for their victory and protection.

Mainly four rituals are recommended on this day of vijayaDashmi-

1. Seemollanghan – crossing the territory boundary in the north-east direction in the third prahar (afternoon) and to stop at a Shami (Jand) or Apta(Ashmantak) tree brings good luck and health.

2. Shamipujan – worship of the Shami tree. It is believed that Shami tree fulfils every wish of devotee.

3. Aparajitapujan-  worship of the deity Aparajitaon a eight petal lotus yantrafor eternal victory, with mantra-



4. Shastrapujan – worship of instruments and weapons which bring victory.

Lord Rama is prayed to bless us with dharma, morality and victory in all aspects protecting us from all problems. Ram rakshastotram is another useful recitation for this day.

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