Ancient Manifesting Ritual- the Art of Attracting Love and Wealth

I would never have believed in the ritual unless I had experimented on my own. The fact that just writing your desire for love and wealth could write you a fortune never intrigued me. I had seen my ancestors writing Hindu chants on paper, numbering 108 times, but did that bring wealth and love? Perhaps not. From then on, I started believing in the practical and the obvious. Things changed when I had a heartbreak. After being in a relationship for 14 years, I was dumped for no practical reason. I went into deep depression, which also cost me my well-placed job. When you are at the weakest point in your life, you always end up being superstitious or resorting to methods you never ever would have imagined yourself applying on your life. I came across the ancient manifesting ritual through a friend who had experienced its consequences. The 55X5 manifestation technique was very easy to understand.

The process

I was required to write what I wanted 55 times for five consecutive days. I had to decide on what I was planning to desire and be very specific about it. No mistakes are allowed! It is important to focus all your attention to what you desire because without concentration, the results would be undesirable.

Next, it is important to write the statement in present tense, as if you have already achieved what you desired. This is done to ensure that the mind does not get distracted toward what you do not have and desire. There is an interesting clinical analysis to the process. The statements are made to ensure that the subconscious mind receives the correct instructions and works toward a goal that is already completed.

Did I get the results I desired?

I could feel a positive change in my mind at the end of five days. It was a feeling of empowerment, writing the statement so many times in a row. In other words, I felt motivated and the clouds of depression were a thing of the past. Consequentially, things started changing for me.

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