April- Monthly Horoscope according to your Zodiac Sign


First half of month is bit difficult for family giving a stressful time. But later half is very happening resulting in good contacts with high profile people and getting benefit from them. Your name and fame will be increased.


You will have good sources of income. However, Increase of expenses will disturb you little. Useful efforts and delays at work will make you frustrated. Very good time for travels and enjoyment.


Family relations will improve and give happiness. Delayed jobs will get complete. Yoga for good auspicious celebrations at home is there. Income will increase to satisfaction.


You will get good resources of income. Health aspect is little weak. Any family member can fall sick. Make peace with relatives.


Investments on property or vehicle is on the cards. Work life will be very busy and also generating fruits. Pending work will get completed with the help of your previous good karma.


You will have to make efforts to keep peace in family in stressful situations. You will face obstacles at work. Later half of month will bring travel, family fun and happiness.


Time is bit upsetting due to increase of expenses. You will get confused by sudden behavior of relatives or friends going against you. Prayers will certainly keep your life on track and peaceful.


Family front will be quarrelsome. Beware of argument with high profile people. Second half will bring new ventures and enthusiasm of working for satisfaction.


Some efforts seems to go waste this month. Health will be troubling you on and off. Each work will need many hard efforts to accomplish. Religious places visit will bring happiness.


Family front will be very irritating and draining energy. Expenses will increase. You need to work towards peace of mind. You will attend some auspicious celebration. Some high status help will be useful in accomplishing many works.


Extra sources of income will give sudden benefit. Avoid anger and argument on wasteful matters. Travels may go fruitless. Spouse relations may be disturbing.


Financial gains are in the chart. Good news will bring joy. Time will go waste on laziness and wander of mind. Entertainment could be bring relax and rejuvenate.

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