Astrological tips for a successful career

In Indian astrology, Saturn is considered to be the governing planet for success in career and personal life. If the planet is placed adversely in the birth chart, the native may face financial constraints or problems in work life. Online astrologers believe that if Saturn has the power to take things away from a native because of his past karma, he also has the capacity to give everything back to them, if the person is righteous. When things go wrong in life, the native should understand that the planet Saturn is teaching them a lesson and that he should contemplate on his past life to rectify the future.

Tips from career astrology consultation

The 10th house of a person reflects the professional life of a person. Astrologers analyse a person’s professional growth with this house. The influence of the planet is so high that even if a person is highly qualified, Saturn placed in the 10th house through his Ascendant or 4th house causes great hurdles in finding employment initially. The same planet is said to bestow his blessings on the native after the incumbent crosses all the hurdles.

If Saturn is placed in the 8th house, the person has to suffer more. This will lead to difficulties in life. In this connection, the position of the lord of the 10th house should also be gone through. It goes without saying that his effect has great influence on the career of a person. It is, therefore, evident that the 10th house has to be strengthened to get success in profession and business. Online astrologers provide the following tips to enhance the blessing of Saturn:

  • To hang a scenery of the picture of a mountain behind the seat
  • Ensure that the seat is never under a beam, whatever the profession be
  • Try not to face the wall while you are seated. The wall should be at the back and there should be open space in front of you to increase the effects of blessings of the planet Saturn. This gives positive energy and has a positive effect on his career and profession.
  • For a stable job and a suitable career opportunity, one should recite the Gayatri mantra and Mahamrityunjaya mantra at least 31 times per day.
  • Offering water with jaggery to the sun Lord every morning is also considered to be an effective way to be successful in career and job opportunities.
  • Look at your palms first thing in the morning after waking up since it is believed that goddess Laxmi resides in the palms.

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