Astrology is much more than planets and numbers

We Gen Xenders like to live in a space of disbelief and mystery where we rely on the daily horoscopes to know what lies ahead of us, but opt out of the personal and professional changes it demands. We live in a space where our stress levels decide our reliance on numbers or the placements of the sun and the moon in our birthchart. A new political intervention? Refer to the horoscopes to see if you would be deported in the next few years. A new boss at office? Will you have significant professional growth on the charts.

Astrology is that solace at the time of crisis that consoles the inhabitant of a better future, even though he does not believe in it. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, since 2014, Millennials have been the most stressed generation, owing to the political and the socio- economic changes they are subjected to. Interestingly, the astrological trends have also changed their pathways to cater to the demands of the new generation

For instance, with the onset of the new American government, youngsters across the world were worried about immigration opportunities to the United States. Pat came the answer in the form of e-mails from astrological agencies, glorifying the year that lay ahead, with short-term travels and hopes for a better future. Astrology saved failing hopes yet again.

So, are we questioning astrology yet?

Astrology is a science for many whereas for others, it is the act of gazing stars. To our surprise, both the concepts have been accepted. In an interesting article by The Atlantic, it was mentioned clearly how millennials choose to perceive astrology according to their whims and fancies. While there is no evidence that the one’s zodiac signs actually correlate to one’s personality, we still end up saying “ he is such a Leo or a Libran’. However, even the logic behind the fact cannot be denied.

What horoscopes do is to give you the information about the position of the 12 planets and their activities at the time of your birth and the subsequent future.

Astrology now is more about gearing up for the future and preparing oneself to accommodate the unpredictability it has, unlike the convention of bracing oneself for the same that was a norm of the past. If our Jupiter is not in a favourable position now, do we stop working toward a scenario when the planet will finally realign? Perhaps not.

Astrology, interestingly has taken to becoming more of a lifestyle or a life-changing style for us, rather than that North star to guide us through the trying times. No wonder, the astrologers have taken to describing things simply rather than using tough astrological jargons that make a veiled attempt to warn us of an impending fear. Simply put, it is more ‘practical’ these days.


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