Career as per Zodiacs!

Worried about your career path this year? Talk to an astrologerand get all your doubts cleared within minutes. Guess what, you do not even have to step outside for that as it can be done online. Career astrology consultation can provide you the right guidance to your career path and help you with simple remedies to remove any ‘doshas’ creating obstacles on your way.

One’s career graph depends on the personality of a person, the way he perceives himself and his growth trajectory. Hard work is essential because not everything can depend on luck and gemstones. Characteristics of a person depends on the sun sign he belongs to. For instance,

Aries: The natives are usually aggressive and athletic. It is a competitive sign and likes to hold leadership positions. They are remembered for their charm, courage, boldness and willingness to confront a challenge head-on. They are not great for desk jobs and are ideal as fire fighters, doctors, policemen or in the defence forces. According to their horoscope, the two major planets are in the 10th house of your sign, which indicates significant and crucial progress as far as career is concerned. There would be a number of opportunities ahead this year.

Taurus: You will have oodles of money this year, thanks to planet Venus that is suitably placed in your birth chart. As newer avenues start opening up, you will be surrounded by lucrative opportunities in the coming months. Those who are running their own business, the planetary positions are the most favourable this year. A Taurean works in a  two-fold manner, which means he is immensely organized and lazy as well. While he takes time to organize things, ones everything is planned, he likes to jump to work. Be prepared to pursue a 9-5 career or an artistic job like fashion, art, design and cinematography.

Gemini: They are masters of communication and strike one with anyone. They like jobs where they can express themselves perfectly well. They are characterized by their sociability , wit, curiosity and inquisitiveness. In this landscape of ever evolving media, journalism may suit you perfectly well. The parallel movement of big planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury may bring new challenges along the way. The position of the planet may not be favourable in the beginning, but all may not be lost.

Cancer: It might be a difficult year to start with as the planetary positions are not conducive in the beginning of the year. However, with a little hard work and perseverance, things may change. As Saturn enters Aquarius from March 23, you will need to keep a watch on yourself. You may have to deal with a lot of stress at work, but take the challenge head on. Depending on your personality, you are ought to accomplish a lot in creativity, art, education, childcare and healthcare.

Leo: They like to be associated with charitable causes and would shine in politics. You are an excellent coworker and are a great team player. Work independently and seek the praise. You are likely to face some occupational issues in the beginning of the year. Owning business at this time of the year means competition.

Virgo: Virgos are creative by nature and it is best to pursue career in nursing or some creative line. Talk to an astrologer and he would advise you to take the lead at office or work for an NGO.

Libra: You are a great co-worker and leader and any career astrology consultation will tell you that the planet Mercury happens to hold the 10th house. Good times are ahead in life and there is no disturbance of any sort at the job front.

Scorpio: The planet Saturn transits in the ninth house, which indicates that progressive forces will work effectively toward the betterment of your professional life. There may be a change in career mid-March.

Sagittarius: This would be a better year for the sun sign because Jupiter has an eye over the 10th and the 6th house. The 10th house is all about occupation, profession, employment and livelihood.

Capricorn: The ruler of the sunsign- Saturn holds the second house, which is directly connected to finances. You will rule where you work and lead in everything you take up.

Aquarius: You need to remain dedicated, focused and determined in what you do.Stay motivated to safeguard your position at work. True humanitarians, you may take up job at NGOs. Aquarians are innovative, eccentric and inventive human beings. Pisces: Empathetic, they make for good nurses and care givers. They also work well as therapists and counselors, astronauts, deep sea divers, and psychologists.Your ruling planet Jupiter transits in Capricorn for most part of the year. However, the former is weak and create huge obstacles in creating material gains.

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