Effect of Kaalsarpa dosha

Do you have kalsarpa dosha in your horoscope? before you become serious and start worrying about the adverse effects of kalsarpa dosha, just sit back and check your chart for what type of dosha is forming and whether it is actually present in chart or just been scared by astrologers.

Just check the position of Rahu and Ketu in your chart. They are always posited opposite to each other, by six signs ahead. Imagin a Rahu- Ketu connecting axis in your kundali. For example, if Rahu is in Aries then Ketu must be positioned in Libra in Chart and all the other seven planets posited on one side of this Rahu-Ketu axis only in the direction from Ketu to Rahu, leaving other half horoscope empty. Sometimes only moon is on the other side and all six planets on one side, then it’s called Anshik kalsarpa dosha which is even more severe as moon acts as a reflector of kalsarpa energies doubling its effect.

Kalsarpa dosha is named so as Rahu and Ketu are the mouth and tail of cosmic snake respectively.Like in eclipse, they leave Sun and moon powerless and is allegorically called Rahu – Ketu eating up Sun and Moon.Similarly in kalsarpa dosha, Rahu Ketu eat up all the planets one by one in progression of time(kaal) backwards, leaving them powerless.There are total twelve kind of doshas depending upon Rahu placement and numerous others depending upon planets position. Presently in transit, from June 2019 onwards, kalsarpa dosha is formed which will affect all in some or other way.

There is another kind of kalsarpa yoga formed when all the planets are posited on one side of Rahu- Ketu axis but in houses from Rahu to ketu. This is a beneficial kalsarpa yoga which results in awakening of powers at the time of completion of ouroboro. Are you confused about its presence in your chart? Do you want to know which type of kalsarpa dosha you have and how to get rid off its bad effects? You can open the link below and get to know from experts. www.brahmatells.com

If you are facing such situations in your life, this indicates you need to check with kalsarpa remedies.

  • See snakes around or in dreams
  • Any particular pattern of events reccurring at intervals of nine years
  • Delays and obstacles in various fields of life
  • Mental peace disturbed
  • Low self- esteem or poor confidence
  • Losses
  • Have to live far from family or family disputes
  • Cheated by others
  • Painful life events as got stunk by poisonous snake
  • No children or male child

Kalsarpa dosha is related to the life between lives and lineage. It travels through genes too I not rectified. There are simple remedies to ward off evil effect. Worshipping naag devta, lord Shiva, performing Rudrabhishekam, Mahamrityunjaya jap anushthan, and many simple remedies depending upon Chart can be done. Wearing 7 and 8 mukhi rudraksha, doing Kalsarpa dosha nivaran Pooja and keeping Kalsarpa dosha nivaran yantra or kavach will great help.

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