Gemstones: Types and Benefits

Success in various walks of life can be found through gems. But for this, it is necessary to know first which gemstone is most favorable for you. When should the gemstone be worn and how many rattis should be there? These are the Questions which appears in everyone’s minds. Every person is recommended to wear a special ratti Gemstone according to his/her Zodiac Sign instructed by their Astrologer. 

Here are the Types of Gemstones available:

  • Neelam Gemstone 
  • Panna Gemstone 
  • Moti Gemstone 
  • Coral Gemstone 
  • Hakik Gemstone 
  • Yellow Sapphire (PukhrajRatna)               
  • Onyx Gemstone 
  • Manikya Gemstone 
  • Firoza Gemstone 
  • Diamond Gemstone 

What is Gemstone?

Gems are precious stones which are very impressive and attractive. A gemstone is used in jewelry making, fashion, designing, and astrology, etc. due to its special properties. Gemstones in their early stages are merely some special stone pieces, but later they are finely polished to make precious stones. 

According to astrology, the divine energy is absorbed in the gemstone, which leads to the welfare of human life. In astrology, various types of gems of planetary peace are worn.

Every zodiac has a different nature, similarly, every gem has different effects on all the twelve zodiac signs. According to astrology, gems represent planets.

Planet                    Related gemstones

Sun-                            Ruby

Chandra-                    Pearl

Mars-                          Coral

Wed-                           The page

Jupiter(Guru)-           Topaz/turquoise

Venus-                        Diamond

Saturn-                       Sapphire

Rahu-                          Onyx

Ketu-                           Garlic

Benefits of Gemstones

In astrology, each gemstone is worn for a particular purpose and benefit. The person who wears the gemstone gets many benefits from it. like –

  • The gemstone is worn for planet peace
  • The effect of the gemstone gives the person’s physical, mental and spiritual happiness.
  • Wearing gems has favorable effects of planets on life.
  • The effect of gemstone brings positive changes in the life of the native
  • Gems bring happiness, peace, prosperity, and prosperity in life
  • Diamond gemstone enhances marital happiness
  • ManikyaRatna brings honor to society and a high position in the public sector.
  • Topaz Gems enhance knowledge
  • Pearl concentrates the mind
  • The coral effect enhances one’s courage and self-confidence
  • Sapphire makes a person successful in the field
  • The person wearing the emerald gem has intellectual development
  • Wearing a gemstone liberates a person from various diseases.

People get many benefits from the Gemstones as an astrological remedy. But if the gemstone does not suit a person, then it might give him negative results. In such a situation, there are many difficulties in a person’s life. He suffered financial, physical and mental damage. Therefore it becomes necessary that the gemstone should be worn only after some astrological consultation.

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