Goddess of Love Venus getting combust

Venus is the Goddess of luxuries, wealth, jewelry, diamonds, vehicles, arts, beauty, hormones, emotions, sex and relationships. She is going powerless and will remain combust from 19 th July 2019 till 29 th Sept 2019. Her importance can be assessed by the fact that above mentioned time period of her combustion give complete prohibition of marriage. Let’s know for what else apart from marriages, there is big ‘NO’.

  • – construction and entering into new house,
  • – prana pratistha of idols of Gods/Goddesses,
  • – first visit to a holy place,
  • – first visit to a foreign country,
  • – spiritual attunement/ deeksha from guru,
  • – initiating/ending wish-fulfilling fasts; Manokamana vrat,
  • – conception

Astronomically, combustion happens when a planet is closer to Sun and thus gives burnt effect. However, a common astrological language says that Tara (literal meaning star) has drowned.

Venus is the natural significator of almost all the major aspects of life, so its combustion is a time of great worry. People under Dasha or antardasha of Venus will face sudden stuck feeling in these fields. There will be an unnecessary unreasoned fight between couples, advising them to keep calm to avoid separation.

Divorce cases will end up into divorce.

In horoscope, Bhavas ruled by Venus i.e. with sign Taurus and Libra will be showing exhaustion of power. For example if Venus is lord of fourth house in horoscope, or Venus is temporary significator of education, will see failures in studies and study related opportunities. If venus is lord of 10 th house or is significator of profession then deals may stuck, may face losses, fights at office etc. can happen. Combust Venus can bring up relationship scams in light. Let’s know who are significantly affected. Professionals who will suffer a low in this time are-

  • -actors
  • – models
  • – performers
  • – dancers
  • -painters
  • -Photographers
  • – fashion designers
  • – jewellers
  • -garment industry
  • -beauticians and beauty related industries
  • – automobile industry or vehicles

The effect will be worse for individuals with moon-sign Taurus and Libra. Aries, Gemini and Scorpio moon sign natives may face health issue, greater expenses and mental trauma. Cancer sign will experience travels and lack of happiness. Leo sign can have trouble with siblings and colleagues. Virgo people see the delays in favour by luck and the unsupporting situation in the family. Sagittarius will suffer hormonal issues, fights, enmity, trouble from servants and subordinates, kids of Capricorn and Aquarius people will have to struggle with obstructions and health issues and themselves will face deals slipping off hands. Pisces natives will be facing a difficult time regarding travels, research, inheritance, fights with guru etc.

Goddess Laxmi is the deity of Venus. Venus being significator of wife, women are called Griha Laxmi, Laxmi of House. She brings luck and prosperity in the house where they marry. One should worship goddess Laxmi with mantra

“Om Shreem Mahalaxmayai namah”

or her beej mantra

Om Shreem namah”

One should install silver Shriyantra or Meru yantra to overcome this difficult time. Worship on dark and bright, sixth and fourteenth lunar dates falling on 23rd July, 31st July, 6th Aug, 14th Aug, 21st Aug, 22nd Aug, 29th Aug, 4th Sept, 13th Sept, 20th Sept, 27th Sept in this time period in 2019 and/or Fridays to get benefic results. Wearing diamond or zirconium or 6 Mukhi or 13 Mukhi rudraksha will bring positive results of Venus.

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