Jupiter is naturally benefic planet. While in its retrogression, you must have faced delays and stuck up. Retrogression is the astronomical phenomenon when a planet moves backward apparently. Jupiter is playing its second inning in Scorpio till 4 th November 2019. Jupiter is the Karaka of intelligence, spirituality, happiness, wealth, marriage and children.

Let’s us understand the effect of direct Jupiter in Jyeshtha constellation. Purvashada and Bharani constellation people will get sudden benefits in work, money and gains. They are advised to expand their work domains in this time period. Rohini constellation people will have family happiness. They will celebrate auspicious events at home and with family. People expecting marriage and children will be blessed with the same. Krittika people will be blessed with new house, shift of house or buying new items for house or can renovate house etc. Return visit to motherland or home is likely for people living far from home or living abroad. Chitra and Punarvasu people will face some unwanted stress and losses in health or wealth. Suddenly problems will rise. They are not advised to invest huge or take financial risks. People with birth star Purva phalguni will face obstacles. Work will be delayed. While Uttra Phalguni people will gain name and fame. They will receive appreciation and rewards. Jyeshtha, Pushya and Ashwini people will have lot of gains. All the stuck works will move and complete. People started with health issues in the retrogression period will get right treatment and get cured.

Mrigshira, Ardra will be facing ill effects resulting in delays and obstacles. Ashlesha will be under emotional stress. Magha, Dhanishtha, Satbhisha, Purvabhadraprada people will be getting ideas and their efforts will be fructified. Monetary gains are there in this time period.

Hasta will improve relationships with siblings, friends and family. People with moon constellation Anuradha, Swati and Vishakha will feel helplessness and absence of divine help. Uttrashada, Shravana people will be under lot of stress and breakup can happen in relationship. Uttrabhadraprada and Revti people will be travelling for the good. They have gains in this time period. Spiritual experiences are likely.

People seeking blessings of Jupiter should be worshipping Guru with yellow flowers, turmeric, gram flour sweets and banana. They can chant Guru beej mantra and Guru gayatri mantra.

“Om graam greem graum sah Gurve namah.”

“Om Gurudevaye vidmahe, Parbrahmaye dhimahi, tanno Guru prachodyat.”

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