Black magic is the dark truth of this world which remained most mysterious subject till date. Black magic puts forth a kind of obstacle in our life and can affect badly in any one aspect of life or more than one out of health, wrong diagnose or wrong treatment, money, career, peace of mind, relationships, fights, progeny, behavior on gross levels and sleep, dreams, feelings, emotions, misunderstandings, will power, strength, working capacity, decisions etc. on subtle level. Many unexplained events can be just attributed to black magic because of its dark secrets.

Black magic is type of karma and can be at thought, speech or kriya level.

It can be just a psychic attack through ill thought of somebody which is in simple terms called evil eye or can be intentionally done with process involving the spells, tone totke or tantric kriyas related to goddess, cremation ground, sacrifice of animal, muslim, so on, haunt of evil spirits or can be result of bad words like curses. Every action has a reaction and thus it can also be a repercussion of our previous life black magic done on someone coming back to us.

Astrology has record of every karma and its fruit. So there are combinations in horoscope chart showing black magic effect and precisely can be calculated who has done it and what method and when. Vedic remedies are perfect in nullifying the effect and protecting the person. No two charts and no karma of two persons are ever same to give same effect or same remedies.

If in chart, any one or all of Sun, moon or ascendant suffering by Rahu or Ketu, there is black magic effect in their transit with increasing level of impact with complicated combinations. Badhak planet, lord of 6 th or 8 th from abhimukha rashi gives every single details of black magic. So get the astrology chart read properly for this purpose and do the remedies according to vedic texts. Contact the experts at

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