Major Astrological Trends

When retrogrades affect inhabitants
2019 is close to its culmination, but unlike the last year, wasn’t it a lot easier and smoother? We should thank our stars….literally. You would know why we are saying that if we spoke about the biggest trends in astrology that affect all the zodiac signs. Experts believe that there will be innumerable changes in the planetary positions this year too, but they would be smooth sailing owing to the trends that influence them.

The retrogrades play the cards
Do you know why we were slow in our personal and professional lives last year? This is because we all experienced retrograde planets that held us back. While you can still try to smoothen things out with the other planets, a retrograde Mars, Venus or Mercury will pin you down. During such times, choose to go on with the tide and slow down to contemplate and expect to use the knowledge that you have gained in that period for future benefits. Remember, not to push too hard, because that will make matters worse. This effect is likely to be a little less in 2019.

What is this retrograde effect?
A retrograde planet seems like moving backward in the sky, making its affects lower on its inhabitants. However, these planets do not actually move in the reverse direction, but their energies do tend to reduce. In general, retrogrades turn our attention to things of the past so that we can sort them out within ourselves before heading forward. The sun and the moon are considered planets in astrology, but they never go retrograde. The planets Venus and Mars go retrograde the least. For instance, Venus goes retrograde once in every 18 months and Mars turns retrograde every two years.
What was the case in 2018?

To summarize, both the planets Mars and Venus went retrograde last year. This, apart from the Mercury retrogrades that arrives on an average of three times every year. On top of that, the usual multi-month retrogrades of the planets Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. So, if you felt that you were held back personally or professionally last year, you were probably in sync with the retrograde planets.

What does 2019 have in store?
Astrologers believe that 2019 will have Mercury go retrograde thrice. The most affected would be the month of March, July and November since this is the time when the planet will go in the reverse direction. This phenomenon is likely to affect the water signs. For instance, the March retrograde will happen in Pisces, July will happen in Cancer, and the November one will affect Scorpions. However, there was one “all clear” period too when the things did smoothen up a bit. This was from January 7 till March 4 when none of the planets were retrograde.

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