This is when a lot of stormy environment is being created by various astrological events, lord of strength, Mars is reaching its deep debilitation on 5th Aug, 2019. Although the whole period of its debilitation is his weak time when Mars is in Cancer sign for the time period 22 nd June to 8th Aug.

You must be feeling lost, irritated, lack of interest, lack of strength, emotional disturbance, arguments or health issues since Mar’s entry in Cancer sign from 22nd June onwards. Thinking in mind that this phase will be soon over by 8 h august and transform into a phase of valour, strength and aggression. But an exhaustive phase is still awaited.

Mars becomes deeply debilitated on 28 degrees of Cancer sign. This is almost the last phase of the Cancerian Mars. People running with Mars dasha or antardasha will be most affected persons with this transit phase. The field of life resulting in depletion will belong to the house where cancer sign is located. For example cancer, ascendant will result in depletion of emotional and physical strength. The tenth house of profession, money and work having cancer sign will result in most dull day and depletion of money or deals.

Worshipping Lord Hanumanji or Narsimha dev will only help to ward off ill effects of exhausted Mars. Consuming Jaggery and honey will be greatly helpful. You must wear red cloths to directly get Mars energy.

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