May-Monthly Horoscope according to your Zodiac Sign


First week bringing fun filled time. From second week, confidence will rise, new hopes and constructive intense efforts will bring success. Although enemies will rise and business will face ups and downs temporarily. Obstruction in work is from government side. Time is not good for people working in field of cosmatics, garments and jewellary etc. Stress may cause health issues. Financial gains are likely and expenses under control will bring peace. Loved ones will be supportive. Possession of expensive and worldly items is in the chart. Wish to learn more will kindle up but will not be of much working.


First week is bringing lot of benefits, success and material possessions. Unnecessary arguments will be disturbing. Religious activities will bring peace and happiness. Efforts will become successful. Second week after 10th, increase of expenditure will cause stress. Although financial gains are there, mixed results showing losses also. After 15th, health will be suffering. Travelling will cause fatigue and will not be fruitful. Fights and arguments will be pacified and resolved. There is yoga of rise of respect.


Start of the month is wonderful energy for achieving success and dreams to come true. Time is not that good for profession and atmosphere at work space after 3rd. Obstacles and enemies will cause loss of confidence. Pains due to infection will be a cause of suffering. A journey is expected in second decanant, which is very promising and useful. Second half of month brings wasteful efforts and wandering of mind. There will be feeling of discontentment in family and relations. Eyes and head portions are under malefic effect. Long awaited relocation or shifting will be facilitated for good.


Time is not a peaceful one. Mind and life will be under continuous turmoil. Religious acts and blessings will bring peace and comfort. Family issues and over expenditure will be troublesome. Second week onwards is good for expansion of work and family, travel and income. Second half is bringing disputes with influencial person and defame. Support from government or administration is unlikely. Some repair work at home can come up. Children will bring happiness and rewards.


Time is favourable in terms of good name and respect. Second week is good for property and possessions. Some new plans will be put forth and be activated. Obstacles will be removed and success will come. Delayed works will get completed. However time is adverse for married life and relations causing emotional traumas. Depression or sadness in general will be caused due to behavior of a near loved ones. New places for visit or stay are not recommended in this time period.


Month bringing lot of expenses. But in spite of many obstacles and delays, time is good for increase of income. Family happiness will suffer and unnecessary arguments will spoil the decorum. Second week is full of enthusiasm and will bring joy. Loans will be repaid. People related to printing, advertisement, marketing and trading fields will get restricted benefits which can be enhanced by mercury mantra chanting. Health will suffer suddenly due to some accident or infections. Mind will not support for healthy decisions.


Month starts with a growth opportunity. First week bringing secret gains of money. Religious and auspicious celebrations are on the cards. Time is not good for relationships and married life. Second week is giving health issues and sufferings at emotional front. Third week is good for winning over enemies. Efforts will become successful. In general a frustration and low feeling will be there for the rest of the month.


Disputes and arguments will bring distress in relationship in the beginning of month. Second week is putting obstacles forth. Health will be under stress. But work will get through. You may have to face some unexpected opposition that will make you feel cheated or low. Travelling is not a good idea but advice for safety measures can be entertained. Rest of the month is bringing losses and difficulties. Body will be lethargic with a low feeling most of the times.


First week is but stressful on finances front and will be seeking a lot of hard work. There is a fear from government or administration in general. Second half of the month is good for resolving issues with family members or relatives. Peace and harmony will prevail. In general worries and stress will make you feel down. It is advised to keep calm and let go. Travel will go unfruitful.


Time is very good for spiritual achievements and meditations. Anger and stress is needed to be handled in this month. New hopes and plans will bring enthusiasm. Setbacks in work will dishearten you. Property related work will suffer loss. You may be forced by circumstances to take a wrong or illegal path for gains. Second week will give confusions and misunderstandings. Emotional health needs attention. Some divine help will save you from unfavouring situation.


This month is showing expenses more than income. Job or business will face some struggles. Time is not supportive to health of mother. First week is essentially adverse for reputation. Later conflicts will be solved in your favour. Last week is good for investments and especially in field of property. Reputed people in field of knowledge and society will come to your life and be helpful. Family happiness is there this month.


Mind will wander in many pursuits. Good ways of income will expand. Some good news in family will make you happy. You will be more watchful and careful. Investments and expenses on jewelry or luxurious assets will be likely and fruitful. Second half of month will result in family disputes and disharmony at workspace. But you will get divine support to get through nicely. Enthusiasm at work will bring success and all efforts will give good results.

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