Most awaited great auspicious nine days are arriving soon. Time (kaal) comes in various forms. Sometimes good , sometimes bad and sometimes mixed. This year in 2019, Shardiya or Ashwinnavratri are associated with many auspicious and special yogas. Starting with sarvartha siddhi yoga, amrit siddhi yoga, dwipushkara yoga on 29thsept and extends till 7thoct 2019. This time Goddess is coming in mortal world riding on elephant instead of simha the lion. This entry is considered very auspicious for crops, rains and prosperity.

Two Mondays in same navratras are considered to be most auspicious of all combinations which increase the fruit of chantings and donations and chances of siddhi many million folds. Venus was combust (asta) since 19thjuly 2019 and finally is rising (udaya) on first navratra. Which will open up muhurata for marriage. Also significance of Venus, being giver of luxury, loving relations, wealth, jewellary, beauty, recovery from health etc will be revived. Mercury is entering Libra sign on first navratri, while Venus will join him on 3rd Oct in own sign.

Navratri nine days are celebrated in every home as well as socially with great enthusiasm with many rituals and secret spiritual practices. These are recommended as shubhmuhurata for any auspicious work start. The main source of energy, responsible for creation known as Devi or Goddess better known as Ma Durga is awakened in these days for the well- being, by worshipping in various nine forms called Navdurga.

The most common practice is to do sadhana of Goddess although, but astrologically it is also the best time for any kind of spiritual sadhana for any God or any mantra siddhi or preparing any yantras for various purposes. In navratras, for Devi worship, DurgaSaptashati is the most recited text that starts with growing barley (jau) seeds, kalasha installation and akhandjyoti for nine days and ends with Kanjak (little girls) worship.While Ramayana is the other which ends with the celebration of Ram Navami and Dussehra (VijayaDashmi), the festival of winning of lord Rama over demon king Ravana. With such a great importance of navratras, do you know that every person is born with a particular set of planetary combinations which decide about their personal navratratiming. These personal navratras are the main days which give all the above blessings to native individually. Call to astrologers to know your personal navratras. Don’t forget to read the following series of blogs for each of nine days significance and worship of nine forms of goddess Durga.

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