Planning to Migrate Abroad? – Know What Astrology Has in Store for You!

The decision to leave one’s native land and settle abroad is never an easy one; the anxieties, fears and doubts that arise while making this decision is understandable. People employ different ways to arrive at the best decision pertaining to settling abroad and many people rely on the ancient science of astrology. This is a smart choice as astrology concerns itself with all life decisions; big and small. Astrology has much to say on the subject of migration abroad and the sub points below illustrate this fact. Read further to know more.

The Houses and Planets Indicate Where You Will Be

Your birth-chart is replete with 12 different houses and the influence of the planets on many of these houses are sure indications of whether you are destined for foreign migration.

The Very Integral 4th House

The 4th house on your birth chart is indicative of place of residence. Normally, you are just where you are meant to be if there are benefic planetary influences on this house. Conversely, malefic planetary influences here, indicate foreign travel and even migration abroad.

The 7th House

The 7th house which signifies travel and partnership can also be instrumental in predicting whether settlement abroad will work out to your benefit.

The Influential 9th House

The 9th house is the house of journey and when it is well-placed, the chances for long travel is increased. The positive placement of the 9th house in connection to the 12th house also has a strong influence on foreign travel and prosperity in foreign lands.

The 10th House of Occupation

The 10th house of occupation could very well indicate foreign settlement for the purpose of working and making a living abroad. Its relation to the 9th, 3rd and 12th house often increases the need for travel abroad and work abroad.

The Major Role of the 12th House

The positioning of the 12th house has a major role to play in foreign travel and settlement abroad. It is the house that is 12th from Lagan and 9th and 4th from the house that indicates separation from motherland and family.

In conclusion, studying these houses can provide insights into the benefits of migrating abroad for any individual. It is truly a wise idea to rely on the ancient science of astrology to make important life decisions such as migrating abroad.

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