Significance of Rama Navami in Astrology

India is the land of thousands of festivals. Some are celebrated on a national level; others are celebrated only in certain regions or small pockets of the country. We very well know of major festivals like Dussehra and Navratri that are celebrated with much pomp and fanfare. However, Rama Navami is an important festival on the Hindu calendar that holds much significance in astrology. Rama Navami commemorates the birth of Lord Rama and coincides with the 9th day of the month of Chaitra (March – April on the Gregorian calendar). Rama Navami is also known as Chaitra Masa and Suklapaksha Navami. This festival is celebrated on the same day as Chaitra Durga Puja and Vasant Navratri. As such, it becomes apparent quite soon; that this is an auspicious day on the Hindu calendar. However, what significance does this day hold in astrology; read further to know more.

The Birth Chart of Rama

Hinduism states that Rama is one of Vishnu’s many avatars, exactly 7th in ascendency. He was the subject of the Ramayana and the king of all kings and the destroyer of evil, according to Hinduism. Lord Rama’s significance adds significance to his date of birth from which Lord Rama’s birth or natal chart is drawn up. It is interesting to note and holds significance to astrologers, that on this day; Punarvasu was the ruling star and Aditi was the ruling deity. Likewise, on this day, Asterism was in the ascendant and five planets including the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus were placed in the highest position, while Moon accompanied Jupiter in the ascendant. The positioning of the stars and the planets, the ruling deity Aditi and the auspicious occasion of Lord Rama’s birth gives this day much significance in astrology. As a result, astrologers advise adhering to the customs and rituals of this day.

Fasting for Self-Perfection

The usual motivation for fasting and meditation is to receive divine gifts and benefits. This is considered acceptable to the Gods who are generous with blessings on those that are deserving. However, on Ram Navami, astrologers advise fasting and meditation without ulterior motives. The need for divine gifts and blessings should not be foremost on the minds of devotees of Lord Rama today. Instead, devotees should indulge in meditation and fasting for self- perfection and self-improvement. Astrology states that this goal is achievable to a considerable extent on the auspicious occasion of Rama Navami which also coincides with other important dates on the Hindu calendar.

Nationwide Celebrations

As mentioned earlier, Rama Navami is celebrated nationwide. According to age old rituals and customs, devotees celebrating Rama Navami do so by limiting food intake to one meal throughout the day. This meal is often composed of potatoes, milk and yoghurt, apart from beverages like coffee and tea. Eating onions, garlic, turmeric and other fruits and vegetables is not permitted. Astrology dictates that adhering to these customs of fasting and mediation is beneficial for self-improvement on the auspicious day of Rama Navami. As such, it is advisable to follow these rituals and customs, especially for those that wish to benefit from ancient astrological texts.

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