Things to keep in mind while buying a Vastu-compliant home

Home is where your mind is and your mind is where you find peace. Indeed, at the end of a long working day, an individual head towards home to find peace. But that can easily be tarnished if the design and architecture is not correct. Did you know that the wrong design or a wrong entrance can disrupt the peace in a relationship? Did you know that the position of the staircase in the house can determine the amount of money you can earn?

No, this is not superstition, it is Vastu or the ‘science of architecture’ in Hindu Vedic science. The etymology signifies ‘in sync with nature’ and the science believes in construction of buildings, considering the five elements of nature- fire, earth, water, air and vacuum. Vastu is popularly believed to have originated from Hindu Shastras. But little do we know that they have their origin in the Buddhist scriptures too.

The Vastu shastra is fast picking up trend in the Western culture, but Indians have believed in this since centuries. And the best part is, you do not really need to be a Vastu expert to know about the basics. And if you are really unaware about them, we will see you through with this list.

Check the entrance:

Ensure that the entrance of the main gate of the gated community you are planning to reside in faces the north or north east direction. If you are planning for an independent house, it would be the main gate of the house that has to face the recommended direction; The reason being that the sun’s rays entering from this direction during afternoon are harmful.

The kitchen

It should be located in the south-east corner of the flat, which is the direction of the Agneya. This direction is governed by the fire element.

Ventilation and sunlight

Proper ventilation is important so that there are no germs growing in the household. If there is ample sunlight, the germs get killed. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy a house which is spacious and airy. It is also recommended that the house has balcony either on the North or the Eastern direction. Vastu says that a house should not have a common wall with another house, because it leads to mixed energies, interfering with the peace and harmony of the house.

The water tank

The water tank should be placed in the north eastern corner of the building as this area gets the first morning rays, which is important for the purity of the water.

Kid’s room

Probably the most essential part of the room, this portion of the house will determine the health of your child. It is, therefore, recommended to make the north-eastern or the north-western part of the house as the Kid’s room. This is because it would prevent direct harmful rays of the sun from entering the room and giving ample sunlight at the same time.

Centre of the apartment

This portion of the apartment should be airy and spacious. Closed spaces like the kitchen and the bathroom should not be placed here. The center is an ideal place for a living room.

Follow these simple rules while building or constructing a house and lead a happy and peaceful life.

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