Types of Hands in Palmistry

Types of Hands in Palmistry


Perusing the hand types is the least complex technique in palmistry. The sort of hand shows one’s essential character and qualities, and the way and state of mind of getting the things done. In the event that there is any contrast between the examinations aftereffect of the kind of the hand and different methods for palm perusing, the result should be subject to the former method.

In every one of the hands exhibited up until now, we have seen that there are two kinds of palms, long or square, and two sorts of fingers, long or short.

If we combine these two things, they produce the following four types of hands:


  • Square palm + short fingers = Earthhand
  • Square palm + long fingers = Air hand
  • Long palm + short fingers = Firehand
  • Long palm + long fingers = Waterhand

The significance of the four elements:



  • The sense of authenticity; rational; forceful feelings.
  • Excess: connection, stagnation, heaviness, gradualness.
  • Deficit: absence of reasonableness and accomplishment.



  • World of thoughts and mind; the channel of correspondence.
  • Excess: absence of profundity; enthusiasm, unsteadiness.
  • Deficit: shut off to the universe of thoughts.



  • Radiant vitality, energy, enthusiasm; the solid feeling of sense and self.
  • Excess: fretfulness, the absence of propriety and sympathy.
  • Deficit: aloofness, the absence of warmth and life.



  • Extrasensory recognition; enthusiastic troubles.
  • Excess: nostalgic, receptive; distracted.
  • Deficit: solidifying of the feelings; a man who is somewhat dry.



The square palm gives great passionate equalization. The short fingers are snappy and natural in their judgment.

Keywords of the Earth hand: Realistic, consistent, faithful, resolute, humble, customary, basic, suspicious, intrigued, possessive, arousing, dynamic, athletic; no persistence for subtle elements aside from those identified with work; feeling of musicality; even minded. Associated with mother earth.


The square palm requires a stable passionate life. The long fingers search out the unique and all types of scholarly articulation.

Keywords of the air hand: Curious, expository, unique; canny and burning; extraverted personality, cherishes to convey; humanist; adores to sort out, needs arrange in every way; skeptical of feelings.


The long palm gives passionate insecurity. The short fingers act hastily on instinct.

Keywords of the firing hand: Extremely extraverted nature; conclusive; eager and warm, vigorous; loaded with activity, continually looking for new thoughts; tries to flawlessness; adaptable, egocentric, individualistic, free thinker; discusses him/herself, inclination towards exhibitionism.


The long palm uncovers an insecure enthusiastic life. The long fingers develop scholarly deliberations.

Keywords for the water hand: Idealistic, open, susceptible, visionary, roused, inventive, contemplative, shrouded, helpless, absolutely enthusiastic, sentimental; befuddled aside from with regards to the imagination; excessively touchy, singular, more discerning than balanced; should be heard and provided guidance.

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