What’s in the horoscope?

It was a daily routine for us to open the Sunday newspaper, looking for what lay ahead of us. This practice gradually percolated to be an everyday affair when daily horoscopes took our hearts and minds away. That’s print for you. Owing to the readability and accessibility that young millennials have of the Internet, horoscope has taken a lightening shape with a minute-to minute details of your future.

Now that we have taken to the Internet, it is pretty safe to say that horoscopes on the newspaper catered to its reading audience. The horoscopes in the newspaper catered to the middle class and the lower middle classes who looked for some ray of hope in their daily monotonous lives. However, now the trends have changed and people read horoscopes not for hope, but for leisure. Interestingly, the trend of reading horoscope and moving on remains intact despite the medium they are published in.

The interesting part, however is there were no astrological newsletters and predictions in the context of political developments. Astrology in the yesteryears was more of the stars and the planet alignment, but now it also considers the socio, economic and political situation of the inhabitant. So, brace yourself for a prudent advise from your astrologer who can gauge the extent to which the alignment of Jupiter can affect your H1B application in the Trump regime.

Horoscope on paper was all we had. We believed what it said and never bothered to compare with what other papers had to say. But things are tad bit different now. Youngsters have equal access to Bejandaruwala and Astroyogi. Inadvertently, the readings would be different in both of them.

The millennials faith in astrology roots to their broken personalities and aspiration for more. They believe in a simple formula which says anything you do comes with a return. Or may be they are just turning away from religion and woo woo spirituality is filling the gap. Simply put, astrology has always been tailored for its audiences, only that they have started giving you personal advices these days. So, even if there are problems at work or in your personal lives, there is always that astro guru to help you out. Now termed as hyper- personalized astrology, these advices are often quoted by experts as algorithmically- generated insights personalized to a degree unattainable elsewhere.”.

No wonder, when you sign up, you are prompted for your birth day and date and if you do not know the answers, you have an option to ‘phone your mom’. Interesting ain’t it?

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