Aries ( 21 March – 19 April ) –You learn to embrace inner change in order to feel more empowered. There may be more opportunities to find support, financial and emotional, but you should be wary of excessive living on credit and borrowing too heavily from the future.Spiritual inspiration is a potential, however, but you need to make real efforts to incorporate your spiritual and romantic needs, as well as compassion, into your goals and relationships.This may be a good period for volunteer work, or for work done behind the scenes, in private, or in the helping professions.Favorable Dates : Oct 5, 8, 14, 17, 23, 26 Favorable Colors : Green & Yellow

Taurus ( 20 April – 20 May ) – Good publicity may come your way. If your work involves the public, you can safely expect increased popularity now, or you might receive good reviews, feedback, or word-of-mouth opportunities. There can be important opportunities through meetings, courses, teaching, and connections made in the neighbourhood or through siblings. You are more perceptive, and others are more receptive to your ideas.You might also find less time for socializing during this cycle, perhaps due to relationship stresses, but also because you are more serious than usual about your interpersonal relationships and have a hard time swallowing superficiality. Favorable Dates : Oct 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21 Favorable Colors : White & Yellow

Gemini ( 21 May – 20 June ) – You can feel more joyful about the services you provide and the support you give, after taking a realistic look at these things and making the necessary adjustments.Your belief systems, learning experiences, and hunger for adventure grow and expand at a rapid pace. You are more able to get in touch with your subconscious mind, and in fact, confronting your fears can be quite pleasurable during this period. If you’ve been scattering your energies and haven’t truly noted and acknowledged just how much you do, then this period will stimulate you to tidy up. Favorable Dates : Oct 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 27 Favorable Colors : Green& Yellow

Cancer  ( 21 June – 22 July ) – Your ability to communicate your ideas is improved multiple times over, and your personal popularity increases. Your hunches are spot on.You’ll be exercising a whole new aspect of your personality, thanks to a partner who excites your senses like no one ever has before.You are more tolerant in your attitude towards others, and you’re considerably more confident about expressing the playful, creative, and fun side to your personality.This is a cycle in which you become more compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive, or get in deeper touch with these traits.Favorable Dates : Oct 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 Favorable Colors : White & Red

Leo  ( 23 July – 22 August ) – It’s a time when you are filled with ideas about the future. You are planting seeds, aiming to get started on projects that will reap rewards in the future. While this can be exciting, try not to take on more than you can handle. Your vision is quite optimistic, and you might over-estimate what you are capable of doing down the road. In relationships, this period looks for any weak links and exposes them – they become obvious and even glaring. You may have to let go of relationships built on weak foundations, or work on strengthening them.Favorable Dates : Oct 8, 9, 17, 18, 26, 27 Favorable Colors : Yellow & Red

Virgo ( 23 August – 22 September ) – You can be filled with creative ideas and plans for realizing a dream.Romantic opportunities tend to abound during this cycle; or chances to kick back and have fun, express yourself, and pursue hobbies and entertainment. In order to expand, you need to pursue your goals with confidence and optimism, without going overboard.Love and romance may come into your life, or an existing romance is enhanced with good humour and warmth. You might find that possibilities for casual love relationships open up to you now, and some of you could be overwhelmed with choices. Favorable Dates : Oct 3, 4 12, 13, 21, 22 Favorable Colors : White & Red

Libra  ( 23 September – 22 October ) –Your life seems more stable during this time period, likely because you are able to look at yourself in a realistic and reasonable manner. You have a more mature grasp of your own capabilities, you project a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. You may be more open to receiving grounded, practical advice, and benefit from humbly learning from others. You may find yourself taking on the role of consultant or advisor.Healthy, wise risks are likely to pay off, but be careful of overconfidence with risky investments.FavorableDates : Oct  4  5, 13, 14, 22, 23 Favorable Colors : Blue & Red

Scorpio ( 23 October – 21 November ) – You have a mature grasp of your own capabilities and you project a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. Strengthened relationships with authority figures may play a supportive role in your life now.  The work you do and the responsibilities you take on provide you with a solid sense of purpose. There can be more coupling and breakups during this period. People who have given up on the idea of the couple may reconsider now, perhaps as fear of commitment, self-image problems, or lack of faith. Favorable Dates : Oct  1,  7, 10, 16, 19, 25 Favorable Colors : White & Yellow

Sagittarius ( 22 November -21 December ) – This is an excellent time for starting new regimens to better your health and well-being, such as regular exercise, more structured and productive use of your time, and so forth. Organizing your work space is appropriate, and so is re-organizing your daily schedule.It’s also possible that situations surrounding your job throw you a few curve balls at this time. However, you will begin to see the value of your increased responsibilities and focus on the job.Those of you who have given up on finding a meaningful one-to-one relationship or partnership might now reconsider. Favorable Dates : Oct  1,  2, 10, 11, 19, 20 Favorable Colors : White &Purple

Capricorn ( 22 December – 19 January ) – This stage of your life is a practical one. Financial success may not be remarkable, yet it is generally steady, if slow to come by.Substantial payments and rewards for services and work done in the past can be received now. Business partnerships may form that have mutual benefits. A romantic relationship is strengthened after undergoing some tests and adjustments. What you want from a romance, as well as what you are realistically capable of giving back to a romantic relationship, will be clear towards the end of this period.Favorable Dates : Oct   2, 4, 11, 13, 20, 22 Favorable Colors : Red & Green

Aquarius ( 20 January – 18 February ) – There may be some delays and slowdowns experienced in the areas of health, mobility, and career. It may seem like acquaintances and sometimes siblings are blocking your growth in some manner, and these relationships may be strained as a result.This is a strong period for re-organizing and restructuring your home life. The goal should be to build your sense of family, security, and comfort.There is a tendency to “go steady” or get close to one particular person at this time. You may be seeking more playfulness in a committed relationship during this period.Favorable Dates : Oct    1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23 Favorable Colors : Red &WhitePisces ( 19 February – 20 March ) – Your life seems more stable during this time period, likely because you are able to look at yourself in a realistic and reasonable manner, and because you are less vulnerable to self-delusions.More focus on people, peace, harmony, beauty, relationships, and fairness in your promotional materials and products or services can be successful. Teaming up with a business partner can be beneficial. Word of mouth will be even more vital to success than it has been, including social media popularity.Relationships with others tend to be easygoing, friendly, and positive. Favorable Dates : Oct    3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Favorable Colors : Blue & Grey

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