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Health: It may be during a tipsy moment that something is revealed which makes you think – OK, I never knew that! You may take a step back from some friends, thereafter. Make sure it is your friends who have lose lips after some boozy moments, not you.
Personal Life: While it is the season to be jolly, commitment cannot be taken lightly and your spouse has his/her eye on you, so you had better be on best behaviour.
Profession: You need to be careful about your purchases this Christmas – yes, we all get excited, but all that glitters … you know the rest. Do be sure that you are not duped into what looks like an amazing offer, but which has hidden extras or hidden terms which you are not fully aware of – this is especially true for cell phone contracts, holidays, timeshare or broadband offers.
Emotions: You are very eager emotionally and that can make you jump into relationships too quickly.
Travel: Travel broken into many short trips is favoured.
Luck: You are lucky in the areas of taxes, inheritance and insurance matters, especially where you have to fill in forms.


Health: Changes in your outside life and the apparent fickleness of friends can be more to do with your shifting priorities than the attitude of your friends.
Personal Life: Likeable and charming this is a time when your pulling ability is enhanced however you can be attracting a fan club of both wanted attention and some unwanted attention from those whose interest is perhaps not so healthy.
Profession: You will seek out people who have new ideas even ones you do not agree with to bring about internal debates that you need to have in your head to ensure you are right. You are so keen to see the other side that you become your own worst critic and drive yourself a little crazy.
Emotions: This is not a good time for Aquarians to be on the outside looking in and so get involved.
Travel: Travel in connection with your ambitions is successful.
Luck: Luck can come via involvement with cutting-edge technology and so be ready to embrace or research new products in your field of interest.


Health: You are not likely to make new friends or contacts now unless there is a very powerful reason to form that connection as you simply do not have the emotional energy to keep superfluous friendships going.
Personal Life: A great time for the start of a new love interest. Aquarians are very appealing to the opposite sex right now as you are giving off a confident air.
Profession: Creatively you are fired up and can produce work fast and furiously – some of your work may need quite a bit of refining and editing later as you are inclined to just go for it, letting vent to all your deeply held emotions.
Emotions: Emotionally expressive you are more likely to make a move on someone who interests you, and this will open the door to new romance.
Travel: This is a good day for travel connected to tourism promotion or travel journalism.
Luck: Sometimes an antique may have hidden charms and can be lucky.