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Personal Life: Aquarians may be using love poetry or writing their own verses or love songs to express their feelings to a loved one - you are very creative in the way you are expressing your love and you may do this via a literary means to overcome shyness in saying something more directly.
Profession: What excuse have you been using to give up on your goals, is any excuse ever really good enough to give up on a dream that makes you happy.
Health: Self-control is lacking today and you may have a problem with spending, eating or smoking - anything which you are trying to keep in check.
Travel: Travel to a nature reserve is favored.
Luck: Venus in your 2nd house brings luck in buying and selling assets.
Emotions: Stop punishing yourself for imagined guilt and focus on tomorrow and its possibilities. Guilt is a reverse gear.


Personal Life: Arguments will happen not over what was said but over what your partner thought you meant. The thing is that neither of you is listening; you are making assumptions.
Profession: This is an opportune time to change jobs or positions; this should not involve a major career shift, rather a new job with a better pay structure and benefits or a department change which offers better long-term progression. If you have waited for a very long time for a position you desire to come available, this may be the time it happens.
Health: Neptune active in your 2nd house, means your ESP is strong right now, and you should not ignore hunches about people or places, even if they do not make sense - you are attuned to the atmosphere and able to pick up on subtle signals others are giving off.
Travel: You may read and research destinations rather than actually traveling.
Luck: You are lucky with matter to do with the art world and antiques.
Emotions: Events will make you think about how much you respect yourself or how others respect you. You will begin to separate yourself from people or situations where your talents, efforts, or you as a person are not respected. Aquarians can often allow negative energy depleting situation to drag out.


Personal Life: Aquarius signs who just recently got out of a relationship are going to feel good and refreshed today. Here's to having a great time as a single person! Celebrate your life and enjoy it.
Profession: Even though you are pretty much flawless at work, people are really starting to mess with you. Don't be afraid to speak up if someone is harassing you. That can never be tolerated.
Health: You have a lot of built up energy and it would be good if you found a way to get rid of it. Don't forget to take care of your mental health too today.
Travel: Before you go traveling anywhere, make sure that you have the whole situation figured out. Who's going to water your plants and feed your cat?
Luck: No lucky vibes from Jupiter for you today. However, you will have luck with investing in real estate or betting on horses.
Emotions: You're feeling a bit frisky today. Call or text some people that you haven't seen in a long time and see if they are up for a drink with you.