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Health: Aries might have some airy-fairy ideals regarding being helpful to others but are you really being helpful or just easing your conscience about something. You want to help others unconditionally, but if you don’t draw some lines and boundaries, you could feel put upon.
Personal Life: Love interests that arise today are mostly flings or possibly friends with benefits flings, which help you to cash into the spirit of the season without thinking about commitment.
Profession: It is essential that you take stock of socio-political trends, do not analyse, just observe and let them wash over you and see how those may affect your business and how you can take advantage of these rather than be caught out by them.
Emotions: Aries are very positive and your attitude is not to be emotional but to look at the meaning.
Travel: Travel in order to study green issues or the environment is favored.
Luck: There is good luck in the area of commerce and sales of communications technology.


Health: While you do not have to give in to limitations and bow down to authority, you do need to acknowledge it and think about working around it rather than rebelling and crashing headlong into it.
Personal Life: Mechanical reactions and going through the motions is just not good enough, you want emotional authentic and greater honesty in relationships even if it is uncomfortable.
Profession: You are quick to offer advice but you can undermine your own authority or intellectual standpoint by not practicing what you preach or by contradicting yourself.
Emotions: Aries benefit more from being with close friends and having meaningful exchanges rather than hanging out with people you do not care for, just because it's Christmas.
Travel: Travel in order to fulfil a long held ambition is successful.
Luck: There is good luck in improving sex life – so be more adventurous.


Health: Aries have to be wary of bad habits making a return as your disciple and resistance is low and so stay away from situations where you could face temptation and fall off the wagon.
Personal Life: Your partner cannot be convinced by arguing; let the matter lie, and discuss it at a time when you are both relaxed.
Profession: This can a good day for any Arian involved in teaching or raising awareness, no matter what the subject, as you are skilled at putting ideas across in an inspiring way.
Emotions: In emotional matters use the art of subtle persuasion rather than hammering home your ideas aggressively.
Travel: Travel in connection with responsibility for others is favourable.
Luck: You tend to be lucky in matters to do with pets.