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Health: Cancer can tap into your exceptional intuition and you are able to draw upon tremendous inner strength and faith when in a tight spot, which might surprise others because of your outer reserve and practicality.
Personal Life: Emotionally you are rather reserved this weekend, you may shy away from bars and large parties that involved meeting many new people. A friendship with someone of the opposite sex who is older may be very enlightening and beneficial to you.
Profession: Jupiter demands you not to be dogmatic or stubborn in your thinking; do not resist new ideas or feel that a change in direction or making concessions is a defeat.
Emotions: Do not discount any strange feelings which that come to your attention, do not discount what your gut is telling you.
Travel: Travel to see a movie or a play is favoured.
Luck: A lucky day to have a secret rendezvous.


Health: This is quite a stressful day and the best way to decompress is with your pets – animals and the company they bring is more important to wellness than usual.
Personal Life: Enjoying romance means enjoying all the sensual pleasures and so no wham bam thank you, mam, if you are going to get turned on there needs to be wine, candles, fine food and some Barry White – it is all about creating an ambiance to de-stress you and get your mind away from everything else before you feel romantic.
Profession: You may have to pick up the pieces that others have neglected – a day of chasing others up and perhaps pitching in for colleagues who are off sick or just not that capable. You are the go-to fix-it person in the office.
Emotions: Emotionally expansive and also generous, you love to give, especially to children.
Travel: Travel for pleasurable day trips is favored.
Luck: There is luck in new love and brand new relationships.


Health: Understanding your own psychology and especially your relationship psychology could be the key to breaking bad habits.
Personal Life: Cancer are looking for a mirror for their own emotional intensity and may find love with Scorpios, or Cancer especially right now.
Profession: An ideal time to begin new adventures, especially ones that are ambitious and long range.
Emotions: It is also time to address areas of your life where you are becoming too inflexible and a little obsessive.
Travel: A fortunate time to start journeys and you should enjoy every step of the way rather than fixating on the eventual outcome.
Luck: There is luck if you formulae long-range plans.