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Today's Horoscope

Personal Life: Taken signs, talk to an older couple. See what the glue is that holds them together so well. Single signs, you may fall under the spell of Venus today! Love is possible.
Profession: You just know that you are going places. Keep this up and you will see the amount of greatness that you can achieve. Don’t answer any emails that seem a bit “off”.
Health: Right now, you are in great health and in excellent shape. However, don’t be super strict when it comes to following a diet.
Travel: While traveling today, expect everything to go wrong. Expecting everything to go perfectly on your trip is only setting yourself up to fail. Nobody goes travelling and comes back without any stories of mishaps. 
Luck: Jupiter isn’t sending you very strong vibes. Keep that in mind. Your lucky numbers are going to be 87, 39 and 30.
Emotions: Right now, the Moon is affecting you. You will feel very soft and gentle towards your friends. If you have younger siblings, spend some time with them today.


Personal Life: Today, it is possible that taken Capricorn will show signs of jealousy. Your partner might react to this in a very negative way. Single Capricorn feel good around cool and sensual water signs.
Profession: Open up a savings account today, if you don’t have one. At work, it is likely that everything is going as it should go. However, you need to be more responsible with your money.
Health: If you have any mental illness or if you are struggling with depression, today would be a good day to schedule an appointment with your therapist.
Travel: The ideal place for you to travel to is going to be Mexico. It’s such a wonderful country!
Luck: The numbers 94, 21, 7 and 6 will have a deep symbolism that ties in with luck today. Financially, you might receive some income.
Emotions: It is likely that you feel wondrous today. You will feel deeply fulfilled if you spend time with some beloved family members or friends today.


Personal Life: Bravo, Capricorn. You are finally getting over a long lost love and embracing new possibilities. As soon as you rid yourself of those negative feelings, the energy that Venus is sending you will finally “make sense”.
Profession: As a Capricorn, you are focused and extremely driven. You have a great set of priorities and you’re sticking to them. You just need to believe in yourself more.
Health: Due to all the hard work that you’ve done, you’ve neglected your health a bit. Do your best to restore your health and your sense of inner peace. Yoga will do wonders.
Travel: The ideal place for you to travel to is going to be Panama. It’s a lovely place to visit.
Luck: You will feel very lucky today and that’s because the planet that governs good luck, Jupiter, is sending you good energy throughout the day.
Emotions: Be more direct. Support is something that you want and crave from your family or from friends. Try talking to them more because they will know exactly what you need.