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Today's Horoscope

Health: Relationships with siblings are important – you may travel to help a sibling who has just had a baby, or maybe help out a sibling who is moving home or who just needs your support. That bond you have with a sibling is very important and almost spiritual now, and you can connect on a deeper level, via sacrifices you make for them.
Personal Life: You are very protective and will react strongly to any perceived threat to your happiness or your family. You may subconsciously try and stir things up in the relationship as a way of gauging the depth of feeling of your partner.
Profession: One problem can be directing your energies in a way that is productive, rather than doing a bit of this and a bit of that or starting so many things that you follow through on none of them. You must outline your plans carefully and draw up a plan of action rather than just jumping into things and going with the flow.
Emotions: You emotions are steady and you have added emotional energy to bring to others.
Travel: A good time to travel to see or support a sibling.
Luck: There is luck in teaching and learning.


Health: Foot rubs can be very erotic right now. Capricorns can be rather turned on by legs and ankles and so bare your legs, reach for the high heels and dump the flat boots.
Personal Life: Capricorn with Aquarians and Sagittarians are enjoying the relationship more than usual. You have the ability to enjoy the quirks of your love life and to judge it only on its own unique terms rather than on another person's terms.
Profession: Capricorns can make problems seem more complex than they are by analyzing numerous low probability outcomes which satisfy the pessimist in you rather than the rational side of you.
Emotions: Although you are open and warm, you are actually quite coy in revealing how you really feel.
Travel: This is a fortunate day for trips by foot or hiking.
Luck: Luck comes to you via new friends.


Health: So be it partying, promoting, working – know when enough is enough and don't burn too much of the midnight all. Pace yourself from today.
Personal Life: Your partner may find you a little erratic and very hard to understand.
Profession: Today old school ties, glass ceilings and perceived social class divides are more apparent and may hamper your progress. You have the will right now to fight against entrenched views and change things for yourself and others.
Emotions: You are extremely impulsive right now, and some of your decisions may not go down well with siblings.
Travel: It is a fortunate day for travel which entails a packed schedule of activities.
Luck: Don't overdo it – today it can be hard to know when enough is enough, do not push your luck.