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Today's Horoscope

Health: You may go the extra mile for an older relative or to support a family member or friend who will be alone over the holidays. Being surrounded by family is what you really need on an emotional level, and the positive vibes of the holidays will set you up in a confident and pro-active mood.
Personal Life: Your partner will appreciate the fact that you are devoting just as much time to his/her family as you are to yours this Christmas – whose family to spend the holidays with is often a bone of contention.
Profession: Geminis are not always driven to win, you guys like to take part and get the most of things; however, the urge to win is strong now. You have to be careful you are not doubling down on lot causes right now.
Emotions: Emotionally, you are going out of your way to be fair and accommodating.
Travel: Travel to see parents in law is favoured.
Luck: You may have luck with a jury or committee decision.


Health: Vegan shakes or smoothies fill a gap, but instead of fruit rich smoothies you should add almond milk or oat milk to make a fruit shake as too much blended fruit is fattening.
Personal Life: Gemini are very practical in love, today love is what you do not what you say and you will be helpful rather than affectionate – you could even call it tough love.
Profession: A very active day for Gemini who work as consultants or who give either legal or business advice, you will have to deal with a wide variety of issues and it can be an eye-opener. Do not discount any information that comes your way, you never know where it could take you.
Emotions: A cool head prevails and you are very rational when having discussions about highly charged matters.
Travel: Travel is successful when it is a mix of work and pleasure.
Luck: A lucky day to employ someone or outsource.


Health: This is a time of being mature and you need to face up to the sharp side of things – this means acknowledging that there are often tough decisions to make in impossible situations and that you cannot always please everyone, but you still have to be decisive to get ahead.
Personal Life: You will most likely want to surprise your partner with a special gift, meal or even a trip away as you are highly spontaneous.
Profession: Those with artistic interests will have excellent prospects in terms of receiving more training and honing your talent by developing new skills. This is an excellent time for all self-expression and for taking creative projects forward.
Emotions: Little will get you down right now, and even if those you know are a little reserved or even down in the dumps, you will cheer them up.
Travel: Travel is not a big part of today.
Luck: There are good surprises.