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Personal Life: Love life is reliable and predictable today and while Gemini are often allergic to reliable and predicable, today it is just what you need – someone to come home to and chill out with.
Profession: Conflict with co workers and disagreements may mean you do not achieve as much as your wish to. Silly administration problems and mistakes can mean you have to go over work that was already done or correct the work of others.
Health: Today you may need a really good drink to unwind after work; so while you should treat yourself to a good meal and a quality wine, do not overdo it.
Luck: You are lucky when it comes to communiques and press releases.
Travel: Any travel to exhibition are trade fares is favoured.
Emotions: You are good at getting emotional responses to your audiences as you know how to pitch to them for maximum effect.


Personal Life: Gemini can liven up and bring cheer to any situation, in fact you are a cheerleader for positivity and fun today which will mean you brighten the mood. You are emitting an exciting vibe which will draw interesting romantic encounters to you, they better be sure they can handle the ride.
Profession: Gemini are trend setters and today you are setting the tone by being expansive creatively, once you put the ideas out there however, you may want to up and off and leave the others to implement.
Health: State of mind has much to do with the state of Gemini health and thus due to the fact that you are fully engaged in life, positive about events and active – you can ward off all colds, coughs an ailments today.
Luck: You are lucky when you compete in sports.
Travel: Mars sextile your ruler brings fortune in travel where you lead, call the shots or even make last minute arrangements.
Emotions: This is a very positive time for Gemini and you are expansive and forgiving.