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Health: Avoid acquaintances and strangers, a weekend for family or possibly a great bestie you can trust – new associations made now are not worth your time.
Personal Life: You are attuned to the deeper aspects of your love relationships right now, but this can be a double-edged sword, i.e. it can lead to deeper understanding, but it can also lead to paranoia. You can sense a change is coming within your intimate relationships, and this is making you nervous.
Profession: You are not that great with practical things, but you are very in-tune with people, and so you can make prompt and accurate gut instinct decisions.
Emotions: Emotionally you are very generous and you will spoil those you love.
Travel: Cross-country travel is favoured by public transport.
Luck: There is luck in promoting yourself and enhancing your reputation.


Health: A parent's advice right now may say more about them than about your problem and so perhaps they are talking from their own perspective and do not really have a handle on how you feel.
Personal Life: Leo need to be careful not to smother your partner or display too many needy emotions – you crave stability right now in terms of home life and can look for concrete reassurances from a partner, but you cannot force people to say what is not coming naturally.
Profession: You are skilled at impersonations and you enjoy joking about, so make sure you know who is listening or watching as you want to make sure nothing is taken the wrong way.
Emotions: You are playful right now and inclined to see the funny side of things.; there is a lightness to your emoitons.
Travel: A day to stay in and avoid travel as much as you can.
Luck: Leo are lucky when they experience the joy of giving; give without expectations of receiving and you will generate good karma.


Health: This is a very good time for training and weight-loss exercise; this is also great for those who want to build up to a big challenge fitness-wise.
Personal Life: A day filled with promise for meeting partners with potential and yet that potential can take a year or so to unfold.
Profession: This is an ideal time for planning not only staff parties but parties for your suppliers, distributors or anyone who you see as an essential part of your network and day-to-day work life.
Emotions: Responsibilities feel lighter now, and so this is a good time to strengthen the emotional and sexual side of relationships.
Travel: A fortunate time for travelling to see clients or demonstrate a product.
Luck: A good time to hire staff.