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Today's Horoscope

Health: Do not compare yourself to others or make choices you hope will please others. Remember that pleasing others is never a guarantee of acceptance and love; pleasing yourself is a guarantee of some satisfaction. Do not give others what they do not want.
Personal Life: Intellectual stimulation and tossing ideas about fearlessly is key in relationships right now; relationships where there is good conversation will thrive while those where you tend only to talk about the to-do list and family matters will suffer both in the bedroom and emotionally.
Profession: Relationships with colleagues are generally good, but there may be rivalries developing that you are not yet aware of, but which will be affecting your team next week – try and take this into consideration.
Emotions: You are not into emotional confrontation and can be very creative when it comes to avoiding it.
Travel: A great day for travel to give a talk or lecture.
Luck: There is luck in terms of getting noticed in a big organisation.


Health: This is a nervy fidgety time when you cannot switch off – even late at night you are list making or forcing yourself to remember things i.e. dates and names that may not even be important.
Personal Life: Tangible tokens in love mater to Libra; you may judge your partner's attitude to the relationship by the money he/she spends on gifts or dates especially if it has gone noticeably up or down.
Profession: You are inclined to glance over things assuming that all with be OK; take a little more time over routine financial transactions or even purchases as something may have changed or there may be a mistake.
Emotions: You feel you need to be under pressure or else you feel guilty – why? We all need time to decompress; allow yourself time off from emotional pressure.
Travel: A good time to travel in order to make an important purchase.
Luck: There is luck in financial matters today.


Health: Trust in all your dealings is very important, and if you do feel that you have been betrayed or that your interests are compromised, you can be quick to end the relationship or take further action.
Personal Life: You will do anything for your loved one, and if someone crosses your partner, you will take it personally and go out of your way to fight their corner. You will also stick up for your partner if they are criticized by your family.
Profession: Try to take a step back and ask yourself if you are making decisions on actual facts or perceptions as perceptions can be more powerful than reality to you.
Emotions: Often, your pre-conceived ideas can cloud your judgment, and you may resent being questioned: pause to take on board feedback from those who care about you.
Travel: Travel that happens on the spur of the moment is fortuitous..
Luck: Be decisive and call timeout on bad relationships and you will have luck.