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Health: Watch out for over-consumption of food and alcohol as you may suffer worse from a hangover than usual – no reason not to have a great time, but make healthier choices of food and drink plenty of water in between drinks.
Personal Life: It is the time to put effort into resolving anything that you and your partner have had difficulty with, putting it aside focusing on love and tolerance and getting on with having fun and forgetting anything troubling.
Profession: You are definitely sneaking out of work early or avoiding it altogether, you have checked out of the year of work and the destination now is a party, shopping, family, hairdresser. In fact, you just cannot make up your mind what to do next but it will definitely not involved concentration nor admin.
Emotions: A philosophical attitude can help you to overcome even deep-seated issues within your emotional life.
Travel: Travel for the purpose of a reunion is favoured.
Luck: There is luck in the area of catering and when entertaining in your home.


Health: This is not the time to get involved in anyone else's emotional or marital problems – it can be a little like getting into a warm bath, easy to get into hard to get out of and you may find that you are drawn into a spider's web of issues that are nothing like what was first described and this can drain you of energy.
Personal Life: Pisces must feel like you are growing as an individual, and you will be discontent in a union that is restrictive or confining.
Profession: Your communications skills are on display and so you have the chance to impress with any language or linguistic skills you have; you also have a chance to improve any aspect either written or spoken where you feel less confident.
Emotions: A bad situation can be mended and good things can get even better and so take charge on an emotional level.
Travel: Travel to attend a trade fair is favourable.
Luck: You are lucky in sports and competition.


Health: It can even be that you have a period of lessened contact with family members who you feel are controlling or are negative influences.
Personal Life: Pisces are born actors, and often they play a role; it can be part of a fantasy or indeed a way of self-protection, but how long is it sustainable, and what happens when reality tests a new relationship?
Profession: You may find that you are disappointed in an authority figure who was once supportive and even instrumental in helping you in your career – this reflects how far you have come and that you can now see their mistakes and know that you want to avoid those mistakes.
Emotions: Emotionally you have some complex and conflicting needs to work through.
Travel: Travel in connection with to looking for opportunity, is favoured.
Luck: There is luck when you trust your instincts,