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Today's Horoscope

Personal Life: If there is a fight with your partner, do your best to stay above the situation. Mercury is really confusing you both. Single signs will feel good around other Pisces signs.
Profession: Employed signs should try to socialize more at work. Having friends at work will make it all a bit easier. If you are unemployed, then today might just be that day when you get the call.
Health: You could really go to the doctor and get a health checkup. Your weak spot will be your throat, so don’t drink very cold drinks today.
Travel: Back up everything in multiple places. Imagine how you’d feel if you lost every single photo from your trip. You really don’t want that to happen, so back everything up, in multiple places.
Luck: You will feel the effect that your ruler planet has over you today. Your lucky numbers are going to be 46, 3 and 2.
Emotions: Emotionally, you seem like you are doing fine. There is more to it than meets the eye. Talk to a few of your close friends today.


Personal Life: Single signs will enjoy the presence of a very attractive Aquarius. If you are in a relationship, there might be some bumps in the road today.
Profession: Financially, you are doing great. You are finally happy with how much money you have. However, your career is at a standstill. Socialize more.
Health: Overall, you are doing great, but your back is going to be your weak spot today. Do some stretching before exercising.
Travel: If you are traveling abroad, you will meet someone very interesting either during the trip or on your first day there.
Luck: You will have immense luck when it comes to social situations. The numbers 19, 27, 44, 29 and 9 will bring you good luck.
Emotions: Pluto is affecting your emotions today. You might be a little more irritable than usually. Do your best to stay out of conflicts.


Personal Life: With Venus sending out good energy, today might even be the perfect day for you and your partner to discuss more serious matters, such as buying a house, a vehicle, or having/adopting a baby.
Profession: You really need to step it up. Work hard because your boss might be on the lookout for people for firing. Try to save some money aside.
Health: You might experience a few headaches today, but otherwise, you are completely healthy and ready for action. Eat more chia seeds!
Travel: Take free walking tours. Besides being free, these tours will give you a good orientation and background of the city you are visiting.
Luck: You may have some more good luck today. Jupiter is sending out good energy.
Emotions: Call up your family members, or siblings if you have some. Emotionally, you are doing good. You are feeling more “in tune” with yourself.