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Health: You can be rather obstinate, and if you feel trapped or boxed in you will lash out verbally. You are not in the frame of mind to be held back by anything which is limiting, be that a person, a tradition or an opinion.
Personal Life: Sagittarians are uncomfortable with excessive emotion right now, and that can lead to this over rationalizing and explaining away of feelings – it can indeed make you come across as a little unsympathetic.
Profession: Complacency and the tendency to assume things is your biggest problem today. You must carefully make lists and tick things off, try and be systematic and not haphazard about the way you go about things; it is almost time to let loose on the holiday but Neptune and Saturn demand you retain that concentration just a little longer.
Emotions: It may be better for you to ponder on positive ways forward rather than trying to put a positive spin on negative things from the past.
Travel: Travel to attend a ceremony is favoured.
Luck: There is luck when you go against the grain and stand out from the crowd.


Health: If you are taking a new prescription medicine read the label carefully and be cautious about taking alcohol with it or mixing it with painkillers or other remedies.
Personal Life: You have to resist the need to punish yourself for some imagined wrong. It is also a time to be careful of those who seek to manipulate you via your guilt.
Profession: You are tricky to pin down and you change your mind so fast you are hard to keep up with – a great time to be fence sitting and hedging bets between arguments.
Emotions: Sagittarians are smooth operators right now; you will not allow heart to rule over head.
Travel: Travel involving trips across water is favourable.
Luck: You are lucky when you are relaxed and not tense about the outcome.


Health: Often you can be rather extreme in seeking new experiences. It's all about novelty and creating excitement.
Personal Life: This is a very practical and solid time in relationships where contentment, security, and common purpose grow, increasing deeper understanding and long-term happiness.
Profession: Your judgment is very good right now, and that can help you in business, i.e., by choosing the right associates and identifying the best plans, and it can also help you if you work with people where you make judgment calls every day, i.e., the police, social work, legal advice or arbitration.
Emotions: You will are emotionally restless, and it will take a great deal to keep you occupied; you will seek new people and places for stimulation.
Travel: Any travel on the spur of the moment is favourable.
Luck: You are lucky when you are spontaneous.