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Today's Horoscope

Personal Life: With the Moon’s transition, it’s likely that you’re feeling like you are currently in a period of interpersonal harmony. Enjoy the sense of inner peace that this brings.
Profession: Keep your purse strings tightly closed today. You might stress over bills and rent today. Don’t allow money to shape your mental wellbeing.
Health: You might have a tendency towards overeating today. Don’t just eat for the sake of eating, or purely out of boredom. This might lead towards negative feelings.
Travel: Due to the current planetary situation, it’s very possible that you’re missing certain people and experiences.
Luck: Today might bring you lots of seemingly random luck. Try to make the most out of this lucky energy that is making its way towards you.
Emotions: There is a certain warmness surrounding you today. You might feel like you are supported and loved. (Which you are!) Be thankful for the people that you have in your life.


Personal Life: Taken signs are feeling the energy that Venus in Gemini is sending them. You might feel more inclined to be soft and cuddly with your loved one. Single signs are feeling happy, living the single life the best they can.
Profession: Signs who have their own businesses might have a great day today. Focus on your interactions. Focus on your customers. Focus on your product.
Health: You might be experiencing a specific health issue now. It would be best if you followed the advice that professionals gave you.
Travel: If possible, travel somewhere where you can put your feet in the sand. Ground yourself and connect with the Earth!
Luck: Today is a very good day in regards of luck and good fortune. However, it might not be the best day to invest in real estate.
Emotions: It’s possible that you’ve been questioning your surroundings lately. You might feel a need to just pack your bags and leave. You won’t run away from yourself.


Personal Life: Single signs might feel like there are still unresolved issues with one of their exes. This might be true, but it might be better if you didn’t try to solve this today. Taken signs are feeling good alongside their loved one.
Profession: You might find yourself developing a new interest. This might proper you into a new direction with your career. You feel financially situated today.
Health: When working out, it’s important to activate your whole body. However, it’s important not to strain it too. Make sure you’re exercising correctly.
Travel: Don’t travel today if you don’t absolutely have to. You might have a bad feeling in your stomach regarding this today.
Luck: There might be a need to take risks today. After all, risky behavior is in the nature of a true Scorpio. Don’t play around with large sums of money.
Emotions: There might be more vulnerability in the air today. This might help taken Scorpios signs especially, in a positive way.