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Today's Horoscope

Health: A great time to be surrounded by family and what is familiar – Scorpio enjoy entertaining at home and are happiest surrounded by those you are totally comfortable with and can share all your in-house jokes and quirks with – not a time for formal parties or anything where you have to keep up a front or pretence.
Personal Life: It is very important for you to have a spiritual connection with the person you are dating, as that means feeling you can be honest and share with them on the deepest of levels – if you feel that the depth is not there, you may be more regimented in the bedroom.
Profession: Although work is wrapping up there are important final details to be nailed and so check all your lists and sit quietly alone for 10 mins and let things come to you, there is bound to be one thing you forgot.
Emotions: You are very secretive about your emotions right now – you want to protect yourself.
Travel: A fortunate day travel to receive an award.
Luck: There is luck in the area of tax and insurance.


Health: You may plan to go to the gym, but as soon as you get a sniff of an invite to a party or for drinks you are off – your dedication to diet and fitness is in question.
Personal Life: You have a great appetite for love and life and that means you may spend more, eat more and also take the initiative in love matters. This is not a time you want to be alone and that makes you more willing to compromise in love to get that cozy, fuzzy feeling you crave.
Profession: You are more eager to be popular than you are to be honest and that can mean you are quite economical with your true opinions and are presenting the facade you feel is most marketable and likely to bring about the least resistance.
Emotions: Scorpio are in the mood for creating fun and you find that the more you promote wellbeing and enjoyment among others the better you feel too.
Travel: Today favores travel for fun and recreation..
Luck: Luck is good generally as you have a positive attitude.


Health: This is a great time to start lessons to improve skills, i.e., your golf swing, tennis serve, French pronunciation, your vocal range (if you are a singer), etc.
Personal Life: Scorpio are friendly and sociable, which means if you are single you will be placing yourself in the ideal circumstances to meet interesting new partners who have good long-term potential.
Profession: Sharp and eloquent, you know what you want, and that will make it much easier for you to get it. Your focus is clear, and your mind is processing information fast.
Emotions: Emotionally steady, little gets to you and you are able to stay cool, calm and collected.
Travel: Travel to attend entertainment events is favored
Luck: You are lucky in term of receiving more warmth and affection from friends and even colleagues.