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Today's Horoscope

Personal Life: Don’t feel obliged to be in a relationship just because being in a relationship is what feels comfortable to you. Single signs might feel good around Sagittarius signs.
Profession: You might feel like you need to make a switch or a change in with your career. Something has been bothering you to your core.
Health: Make sure that you are doing all that you can to stay safe. The situation in the world might feel unpredictable and scary.
Travel: Travel simply isn’t advised today. It would be best if you stayed home and socially distanced.
Luck: You might feel extra lucky around fixed signs today. It would be best if you didn’t play around with your income today.
Emotions: You might feel the need to say some heartfelt things towards the people that you care about. With the Moon in Aquarius, you are simply filled with a positive charge.


Personal Life: Ah, amore! With Venus, your ruling plant, sending out loving energy, you’ll feel like you want to hug the world. Send your friends who live far away a virtual hug or kiss.
Profession: As the day goes on, you’ll fall into a comfortable rhythm. Your colleagues might helpyou out with a task that you’ve struggled with in the past.
Health: If you have struggled with anxiety in the past, today might be a bit more challenging for you. Luckily, you know what you should do when things get rough.
Travel: It might be a good day to revisit old pictures, videos and souvenirs that you’ve accumulated during your travels.
Luck: Jupiter is making sure that your day is going by with a lot of luck and a lot of good energy. Enjoy this and try to make the most out of this.
Emotions: Your motto today should be “the more love I give, the more love I shall receive”. Theplanetary situation is optimal for you today.


Personal Life: Taken signs, no matter if you have been sharing things for years or days, you might feel a bit extra possessive over your things today. Single signs should reply to their online crush.
Profession: At first, being at work might feel annoying or uninspiring. However, as the day goes on, you will see that you have your groove back.
Health: Your health is of utmost importance to you. Now would be a good time to lower your alcohol consumption.
Travel: Traveling might make you think of a few dear people. If you can, try to visit them.
Luck: You might have a lot of luck around Venus and Mercury ruled signs. Be careful when in public transport today.
Emotions: Sometimes, you criticize yourself way too much. This is likely leaving some kind of bad effect on your mental wellbeing.