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Health: Neptune inspires an interest in your own company and a desire to clear your head and have your own thoughts inclining you to be rather introspective.
Personal Life: This is a very comfortable time for new romances that began in the past few months, you tend to feel more comfortable and secure as if you are really getting to know each other – you can feel on the threshold of a deeper more committed phase.
Profession: You need to be more concerned about what you can see rather than what you cannot see. It is not the unknown or the secret enemies that can create obstacles for you, but something right under your nose, something so mundane that you could fall over it and not notice.
Emotions: You need to be in touch with the inner you and get away from pleasing others, ticking boxes, clockwatching and seasonal chaos.
Travel: Travel is favoured, if it in connection with humanitarian goals.
Luck: There is luck in medical procedures.


Health: Virgo are very creative about everything now and can be extremely inventive when coming up with both practical and more psychological solutions.
Personal Life: You are very open right now and you can reveal too much too soon and become an open book and so some more caution and reticence is required in new romances, better to talk about your favorite music and film than perhaps your deeper emotions and needs.
Profession: While you are very imaginative you can be highly subjective and influenced by your past and also by entrenched views which encourage knee-jerk reactions and some irrational even self-defeating behavior. Do not cut off your nose to spite your face.
Emotions: You are not into emotional confrontation and can be very creative when it comes to avoiding it.
Travel: A great day for a picnic or short trip to a food market.
Luck: There is luck in musical endeavors.


Health: You may want to press yourself hard physically, but this may be to let off steam rather than for fitness sake per se, and you should be careful to be measured and not reckless.
Personal Life: You want the one you love to have your back, just as you have theirs, and any sense that they are less committed than you, can make you withdraw and be less emotional.
Profession: Working in teams can be frustrating to you, and you may resent having to drag along the less able members – you need to make everyone feel included and valued to create more productivity in general.
Emotions: You need to be a little selfish today – make your excuses to others and take time to fulfil your needs.
Travel: This is a fortunate time for travelling city to city.
Luck: There is good fortune when you express your imagination in the arts or in terms of business.