What comes to your mind when we say the word remedy? A solution to your problems? Yes! Indeed. At Brahmatells, we offer you remedies that can change your life path forever. Not getting the promotion you have been longing for? Marriage Issues? Want a child? If questions like these, bother you then don’t hesitate even a bit to read further.

In the Hindu religion it is often believed that the obstacles are faced when Gods are angry at you, or the nakshatras and the planets do not align well with your kundli. There are many other reasons also due to which you may be facing unfortunate events in your life. However, you can fix that with a wide range of remedies that Brahmatells has to offer to you. Our wide range of remedies related services include three important categories- Gemstones, Rudraksh and Online Pujas.

Importance of a Gemstone

Gemstones form an important part of the Vedic Astrology that focuses solely on remedy and healing of the body and mind. Often worn as either jewellery or as an ornament by usually people of royal births, it was done so because of the belief that wearing these gemstones would impart enormous powers to its wearer. It was believed by the people that these gemstones had the capability to store the energies produced in the cosmic universe. And it is this energy that gets transmitted once the stone comes into contact with the flesh of the person wearing it. Read more


Rudraksh- an iconic symbol that represents the tear drops of Lord Shiva in the Indian Mythology. The Rudraksh is believed to provide many benefits to the owners. The seeds of Rudraksh are known to have been blessed by Lord Shiva with special powers and thus, are considered very sacred in the Hindu religion. The Rudraksh is also significant scientifically as it is believed to attract cosmic winds and remove negativity from the lives of the people who own it. Read more


Pujas are one of the best means to remedy in unfortunate event or happenings of one’s life. Pujas are special prayers that are offered to a particular deity for a particular purpose. At Brahmatells, we offer many types of Pujas to help you remedy several types of mishappenings in your life. The best part is- All the Pujas are available online too in the wake of the current pandemic situation. Read more