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Ankita Chatterjii

(10 Years of Experience)

Language : English, Hindi, Bengali
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Name Correction, Sound Energy, Occult Science, Colour Therapy, Love, Health, Money and Life Counselor


Astrologer Biography :

Meet Ankita Chatterjii, Vedic Astrologer and Numerologist, nominated for the Best Astrologer of the year 2016 by Skilled India Entrepreneurs Award. She changed the complete scenario of Astrology and Numerology in just a year by removing all the myths about astrology. She told people the exact fact which helped them in improving their life. From being the Youngest Spiritual Leader to the Best Astrologer of the country, she got nominated for many other awards. Recently as an Astrologer and Entrepreneur she got Nominated for Kolkata's Best Brand Awareness Award 2019 by CMO Asia. Ankita checks all the details of a person not only by using Astrology but also through Numerology and Name Numerology. Be it health, marriage, love affair, money, job or business at the end you get to know your actual self. You will know what you are, what people think you are, where you are heading for, why you are facing failure even when you are giving your best, why suddenly your dear one’s behavior changed, hurdles at the 11th hour, scared about facing your karma and rest of the questions whose answers are very difficult to find. She believes, will power and destiny goes hand in hand. She works on motivating and encouraging people to increase their will power and confidence through sound energy. She also provides tips and tricks to improve the overall life of a person. Not just this she also deals with Occult Science and Spirit Investigation. She held many spirit investigations with her team using various scientific equipments. Ankita gained her knowledge from her maternal uncle and Renowned Celebrity Astrologer Late Mr. Trilochan Banerjee, the man behind the success of many renowned personalities of this country and abroad.

all feedback

  • 21' December




    I took a session with ankita chatterjii. After taking session with her I am a bit relaxed after getting to know about my future life. She also provided me with suggestions to make my future better by removing the misfortunes that may come in the way. really liked her session . will surely book another session with her soon

  • 9' January




    Taking my friend's suggestions I took a session from Ankita chatterjii mam to know about my future. Previously I was so unsure about my future life.But after taking session with her I am a bit relaxed after getting to know about my future life. She also provided me with suggestions to make my future better by removing the misfortunes that may come in the way.

  • 27' January



    saurabh jain

    Brahmatells Astrology helped me to deal with life wid a positive attitude and healthy mental state. Ankita mam is responsible for this optimistic change of mind. Thanku Brahmatells Astrology. Thanku fr teaching me to lead life in a better way….

  • 3' February



    Arshiya Mehta

    its my second session with her .she asked to perform some remedies last time .it actuallly worked for me . a big tumbs up to her

  • 9' February




    her remedies actually worked .highly recomended

  • 17' February




    she is very knowledgeable and works very professional

  • 1' March




    appreciate the support. will report back on whether the suggested remedy worked or not

  • 7' March




    she is an awesome astrologer , explained nicely about each and every aspect which i was worried for. i was so damn lucky to find her! i would recommend her for counselling too.

  • 13' March




    Very good astrolger, she's very polite and friendly. Very fast in replying within no time she answered my questions. Thank you so much ma'am. I recommend her!

  • 27' March




    superb , to the point prediction....

  • 17' April




    very practical approach and nicely explained my chart.

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