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Dr Darshika Gangar

(15 Years of Experience)

Language : English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Healer


Astrologer Biography :

OM NAMAH SHIVAY If You have a problem Then dr Darshika have a salution . She completed her doctorate degree in mumbai bombay paramedical institute .then start her spirtual journey varies modalities . She is trained in multiple modalities under various international trainers which give her a multi-cultural experience to understand people from all walks of life. Dr darshika is a complete believer in the Free Will which we all have been gifted by the Creator She has been practising astrology , vastu and allied sciences since 2007. She has learnt, been practicing and teaching other therapies like Aura photography, Naturopathy, Reiki, Karuna reiki, Lama-fera, yogmaya healing, Pendulum dowsing,Aroma therapy , tarot cards, Runes, crystal ball gazing, sujok, bach flower, meditations , crystal and gem therapy ,Candle magic ,Angel card reading etc.she is very kind worker .she is well known face to healers & therapist . Anyone can call anytime for her advice .she belive in shiva.shiva bless all Jai mahakaal Har Har mahadev

all feedback

  • 14' January



    ritu sharma

    very accurate prediction

  • 23' January




    Simple! I got relived after consulting to you Darshika mam... and taking your advice seriously, I saw that things turn out to work well after I your fortune powers of prediction.

  • 25' January



    Pritesh Adiga

    Brahmatells Astrology provides us wid numerous experienced nd... well known astrologers who approach the clients' issues not only wid advanced scientific knowledge but... also well measured compassion... Dr. Darshika is one of dem. Few session wid her, chnges your life.

  • 27' January




    I was so screwed up wid my life that I nearly wanted to kill myself, then one day I heard about Dr Darshika Gangar frm a colleague ,,, I immediately consulted to her. Since then, I restored my hope in my life and developed as an individual.

  • 21' March



    Ansh vermani

    amazing . worth the price paid

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