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Astrologer Details


Hamsa Raja

(5 Years of Experience)

Language : English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi
Expertise : Tarot card reader, Psychic reader


Astrologer Biography :

I’m a chartered accountant by profession with a passion for astrology and had a keen interest in the spiritual world since childhood. I have been studying the spiritual art of tarot card reading through Eileen Connolly instructional texts and gained immense knowledge and experience over the past few years. What started as a hobby to help my family and friends has now transformed into a passion to help the society reach their karmic destination. I believe there is a solution to every problem there is no lock made without key. Tarot card reading turned out to be highly intuitive where I found a divine connection to astrology. Having extravagant experience in dealing complex life issues, I can guide my clients through the most profound problems in their life. I have a brilliant way to approach my visitors and assess and identify their issues and guide them in the easiest possible way to meet out their expectations. Specializing in readings for career, marriage, health, education, love and relationship problems. With a strong intellectual instinct in tarot card reading, I aim at creating a positive vision for those Struggling with Complex life issues. Also, I try to create future predictions where sometimes people tend to make patterns for themselves which in many cases are evident for me to understand them better. Tarot card reading helps an individual to look within themselves to understand their emotions and feelings, reasons behind their words, conduct the course of action and also the source of their conflicts and provide them with perfect remedies to rectify them for rectifying their present as well as their future.

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