Astrologer Details


Namrata Agarwal

(10 Years of experience)

Language : English, Hindi
Expertise : Vedic astrology, Cosmic healing, Awakening chakras, Numerology, Foreign Travel, Divorce, Finance, Gemologist


Astrologer Biography :

Namrata Agarwal is a famous and renowned astrologer. Highly skilled Namrata is undoubtedly the best astrologer available around the corner. Every problem will not only be acknowledged but also solved. We not only make predictions but manage horoscopes also. If you are facing any problem; looking for a authentic and permanent solution then your wait is over here! May it be career, marriage, educational, match making, horoscope, palm reading, health issues, professional issues, Muhurath, Gems, Vaastu, Foreign Travel etc. Gemstones can alter your life, luck, punya and recommended Gemstones, qualities of the gemstone, wearing instructions and mantras. Gems can make a heavy impact on your life hence it is very vital to wear the right stone at the right time. We are experienced in providing complete guidance to our customers.

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