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Astrologer Details


Nehaa Guupta

(10 Years of Experience)

Language : English, Hindi
Expertise : KP Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology


Astrologer Biography :

Nehaa Guupta has been predicting events and suggesting remedies based on kp astrology, palmistry and numerology for the last 10 years successfully. She developed her interest in astrology at a very young age and learned kp astrology besides palmistry and numerology. In place of restricting her knowledge base to traditional approach of horoscope reading she is using mystic art as a psychological and self improvement tool. In her own journey towards whole ness she has investigated many paths and this has made her one of the most acclaimed astrologer of India in a very short span of time. She is clear and gentle communicator and an excellent synthesiser of information. She can be mentioned as one of the gifted astrologer for the society concentrating only on client benefit and betterment. Her mission To serve the world and the people in need have help with her professional astrological guidance and education. She supports individual to effectively improve quality of their lives, achieve happiness and be masters of their own fate or destiny.

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