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Astrologer Details


Acharya Omkar

(14 Years Of Experience)

Language : Telugu, Hindi
Expertise : Nakshtra nadi, Vedik, KP & GMP, Bhavatrayam, Bhrigunandi nadi, Palmistry, Tarot, Numerology, Maha vastu & Asta digbhandanam vastu


Astrologer Biography :

I am giving direction to my valuable clients on issues related to love relation /love marriage, money, relations among others, higher education,marriage, the relationship among the spouse,business and partnership, job,& job Transfer,&promotion career ,match making ,divorce , profession,enemies, health issues, loans, Wen will get back the given debt ,speculation , respect in society, foreign job& trip, court case , sale or purchase of place ,house or field, spirituality, expenditures and so on.etc for the last 14 years fur ther my zodiac learn astrology vaastu trinar. Done 70 live shows of Adrusta Balam,live progra mme, in Pooja TV Telugu Channel in August 2014.

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  • 14' October



    G.lakshmi murthy

    Even aftr completing my graduation nd scoring gud grades I ws nver able to get a job that would mke full use of my knowledge and skillset... But after consulting Bramhatells, I made the necessary changes and I got my dream job in a company. I’m very happy with the service and would definitely recommend it to others...

  • 23' October



    Karan Mahapatra

    Vedic Astrology wasn’t really my thing. Bt some ppl asked me to open Some sounds in my head made me clicked Acharya Omkar nd i consulted with him. He...was... right...and, i thank Brahmatells for having me!!! It was a sharp prediction.

  • 10' November



    Ansh Rawat

    I was in a bad phase in life all things were falling apart nd I had lost all hope then I came across Brahmatells where I was able to get in touch with astrologer Acharya Omkar who helped me a lot and came up with solutions to most of my problems.

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