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(9 Years of Experience)

Language : English, Hindi
Expertise : Psychic Tarot Reading, Pythagorean Numerologist, Dowsing & Holistic Coach


Astrologer Biography :

My name is Poonnaam S Iyer and by profession I am renowned Psychic Reader , Pythagorean Numerologist and Holistic Coach from Mumbai having more than 9 years of experience in the same field. I attained my education and I am Post Graduate in Hospitality & Hotel Administration from the reputed Ealing, Hammersmith West London College, United Kingdom,2004. I have been practicing Psychic Reading & Pythagorean Numerology with different modalities of Holistic Healing methods since 2011. According to me, an effective approach can enable a person to shift through and sort out any issues that they face and moreover shift their viewpoint on a positive front. If an individual acknowledges their emotional & intuitive reactions for what they really are — a quiet, guiding intelligence. I believe, Psychic healing and other modality methods can be used to swiftly illuminate an individual’s current circumstances. My Clients consult me for various aspects and I rectify these obstacles with Karmic Remedies to attain best outcomes. Till date, I have been facilitated with several awards and appraisals for contribution in the field of Holistic Healing as “WOMEN ACHIEVER OF INDIA 2019” For Excellence in Tarot Reading & Psychotherapy By Foundation People in collaboration with Astro World. Furthermore, I did feature as WONDER WOMEN in A Rustic Mind Women Editorial, 2019.

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