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(30 Years Of Experience )

Language : English, Tamil
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, KP astrology, Karma Remedies & Puja Expert, Tarot Reading, Horary Astrology, Gemmology, Numerology


Astrologer Biography :

I can give the astrological findings as per the KP system Also. Please give your birth details like Name, Time of birth, Date of birth and Place of birth for astrological questions. I am well known for having intuitive powers and providing accurate predictions. Please ask any specific question pertaining to your Education, career, finance, love, personal relationship, children,asset creation, health problems, business partner and s life partner, investments ,selection of lucky gemstones, lucky colors, lucky numbers, marriage matching, compatibility analysis, Timing of events , Analysis for Pithru Doshas, Manglik Dosha, Kalathra Dosha, Kaal Sarbha Dhoshas, Rahu - Kethu Dosha, Period of Sade Saathi , remedies, special poojas , mantras for chanting, Pariharas, Karma Remedies. My consultations will provide you significant insights into different aspects of your life.

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  • [5/5]

    Kiran Aggarwal

    My daughter ws recognizd to have Manglik Dosh in her horoscope... We had already lost several gud matches bcuz of this. Bt wen I consulted with Brahmatells expert Mr Prem kumar,, all my tensions were put to rest...

  • [5/5]

    Akshit Malhotra

    I failed all the efforts to get a job at the age of 28. My grlfrnd ws abt to get mrried to someone else….then My best friend brought me in contact with Prem Kumar MG. His experience in astrology saved my life from going to ruins. I hv a job nd I am married now. Thank you.

  • [5/5]

    David Ace

    Once there was a time, when I was a deep introvert, wandering here and there, sitting in a dingy corner, no medium of interaction with anyone. For me life already ended. Then came a bright light. I, coincidentally clicked the Brahmatells website and talked to Mr. Prem Kumar and then things changed for good.

  • [5/5]


    When I contcted and talked to Mr. Prem kumar mg. I felt relieved and he gave me the strength to walk further. His recomendation for my career ws highly beneficial and positive. It has givn me a spectacular growth in my career too..

  • [5/5]


    Knowledgeable and quick. Highly recommended

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