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Astrologer Details


Pradip Verma

(18 Years Of Experience)

Language : English, Hindi
Expertise : Medical Astrology, Corporate Astrology


Astrologer Biography :

Pradip Verma has amassed vast fame internationally and nationally as an illustrious persona in the field of Astrology, Vastu, Gemstones and Numerology. Pradip Verma is a very well-known name in the mystical sciences and has achieved a high level of dignity, exemplified by his appearances on television channels as a leading Vedic Astrologer. He has examined thousands of charts globally and is highly recommended by readers as an experienced and authentic astrologer. With a humble and patient disposition Pradip Verma is the Guru or guide that you would like to have handling your birth chart and giving direction to your life, as a good listener and empathetic individual there is much to be gained from his divine knowledge. He believes that his instantaneous fame is attributed to the accumulation of previous life positive karma and this lifetime’s dearth of information pertaining to our nation’s treasured Vedic knowledge. His fame and name is in the fields of gemstone recommendation and as an astrological specialist with in-depth knowledge of various Vedic scriptures. Revered among his peers, various famous astrologers have bolstered the name of Pradip Verma as one of the most renowned Vastu and Astrology practitioner. Even though he has achieved larger than life success, Pradip Verma does not believe in amassing awards even though many have been presented to him at award functions and ceremonies. This is where his gentle disposition comes into play, as he believes that his award is achieved through client satisfaction, by providing the comfort and closure a client needs in addressing their life’s issues. His clients have held a long-standing relationship with him for years, absorbing his divine wisdom and leading a life without hurdles. These clients have shown the utmost gratitude towards him for leading them onto a path of righteousness. Blessed with divine mystic knowledge he has gone on to amass a vast collection of ancient scriptures pertaining to the untainted study of astrology and numerology. This is what makes Pradip Verma an authentic astrologer. Instead of providing cold readings as many layman astrologers do, he has gone into in-depth study and spiritual practice to hone into the blessing of looking into the past, present and future of an individual, and collective. He has deep knowledge of these subjects and by reading thousands of charts has the ability to read the minutest details with ease, speed and especially accuracy. He has been practicing astrology for over 20 years with mastery of the subject coupled with a deep perception and understanding of the practical aspects of life. Apart from his international fame which can be quantified by the number of international clients he has, he also has high-profile clientele. He advises many powerful politicians, T.V. and movie actors and actresses, and various other celebrities from many fields. Pradip Verma is keen on non-disclosure of the names of his clients for the privacy and integrity of his clients, which also makes him the most trusted astrologer in India. Pradip Verma also appears on Television and you can follow him on his YouTube channel, you watch him in action providing accurate reading and gemstone remedies to clients in a matter of seconds. Pradip Verma provides his famous readings based on Astrology, and Numerology. He believes that neither practice is either better or worse than the other, and provides reading according to what the client’s soul is ready to receive. The readings that he provides span from all issues starting from birth till death: suggestions for the name of a child, education, love life, career or business, marriage, progeny issues, financial stability, foreign travel, legal and medical issues. The remedies are provided in the form of Vaastu Dosha reading in the horoscope, Vaastu suggestions according to the interior design of the household, and Gemstones that are deduced from the status of the Vedic Chart. Only after a thorough study are remedies suggested.

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