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Reema Comar

(12 Years of experience)

Language : English, Hindi
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reader, Marriage, Relationship, Career


Astrologer Biography :

I am a third generation PsychicVedic Astrologer,Reiki master and a ,NumerologistA highly spiritual person and a born clairvoyant.I am a Physics Honours graduate from Hansraj College Delhi University .I was drawn towards the ancient science of Vedic astrology,mystic Tarot Cards to undestand my own journey and soul calling.As I delved deeper and continued learning I started understanding the fact that our present day sufferings ,challenges or relationship etc all have their roots embedded in past.I became a firm believer in Theory of Karma and started helping out people in getting to the root cause of their issues,how to mitigate it or overcome it and make confident choices towards blissful people.I have been using Wisdom from astrology and guidance from Tarots to guide people from all walks of life globally for more than 12 years towards a blissful life. I am an expert in Guiding people On Love ,RelationshipMarriage,Child birth,Career,Travel Abroad and other issues.I prescribe simple remedies which a modern day person can easily do.You can expect Confidential ,honest and non sugar coated readings from me.

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