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Saareen Khinda

(7 Years of Experienc)

Language : Hindi, English, Punjabi
Expertise : Tarot Card Reader, Psychic Healer, Root Worker,


Astrologer Biography :

Saareen khinda is a Tarot Cards reader, Law of attraction expertise and Counsellor Who can help you with your life issues and provide you guidance toward better future and ease out problems. Saareen has entered Into the phase of Spirituality since she was 17 years old and has Started performing root work and tarot reading from last 7 years . She has worked with famous astrologers and psychic readers and she read for celebrities. she helps in healIng Body, mind and spirit; guides and counsels students, couples, and businesspersons; and organizes Positive mental health sessions for individual seekers as well as for groups. As a professional Tarot Card Reader, she handles the personal and professional queries of a multifarious clientele ranging from entrepreneurs to homemakers, and from artists to industry experts. The basis of her knowledge and experience is the spiritual techniques, She not just heals people but also provide guidance to apply law of attraction to attract more abundance and happiness in life and get what they desire. How can Tarot reading help you Relationship issues Business decisions Marital issues Career guidance Life Decisions

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  • 17' April




    very good astrologer should consult for any problem.

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