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Astrologer Details


Shashank Sharma

(7 Years of Experience)

Language : English, Hindi
Expertise : Palmistry, Vedic Astrology


Astrologer Biography :

An astrologer and Palmist. I enjoy doing palmistry for about 7 years. I love metaphysics and spirituality and a big part of my practice involves that. But my first love is Astrology. I was born into a religious - fundamentalist - family. When I was first introduced to it - during a personal crisis in my life - I fell in love immediately. It was (and still is) so beautiful to me. It felt like meeting an old friend - an old love. It was totally familiar to me. I understood the books and the reasoning. It is so many things - a cosmology, a spiritual teaching, a philosophy, a psychological system - and also something that gives you a handle on the practical affairs of life. I guess I would say that I do that best - and this is what most people call me for.

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